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Hippocampus bargibanti (Pygmy seahorse; Gorgonian seahorse; Bargibant's seahorse; Bargibant’s seahorse; Bargibant’s seahorse)

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Hippocampus bargibanti, also known as Bargibant's seahorse or the pygmy seahorse, is a seahorse of the family Syngnathidae found in the central Indo-Pacific area. It is tiny, usually less than 2 centimetres (0.79 in) in size and lives exclusively on fan corals. There are two known color variations: grey with red tubercles, and yellow with orange tubercles. It is unknown whether these color varieties are linked to specific host gorgonians.
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Litter Size [1]  34


Australia; Coral Sea and GBR; Great Barrier Reef; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Japan; Milne Bay; New Caledonia; Northeast Australian Shelf; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Papua New Guinea; Western Central Atlantic: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Queensland, and New Caledonia. Conservation status: data deficient (Ref. 30915). International trade is monitored through a licensing system (<b>CITES</b> II, since 5.15.04).;



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