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Squatina guggenheim (Argentine angelshark; Angular angel shark; Hidden Angelshark)

Language: Dutch; Mandarin Chinese; Portuguese; Spanish

Endangered Species

Status: Endangered
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Prey / Diet

Cottoperca gobio (Channel bull blenny)[1]
Dules auriga[1]
Engraulis anchoita (Anchoita)[2]
Genypterus blacodes (Rock ling)[1]
Genypterus brasiliensis (Cuskeel)[1]
Illex argentinus (Argentine Shortfin Squid)[2]
Octopus tehuelchus (Tehuelche octopus)[1]
Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Drum)[1]
Patagonotothen longipes[1]
Patagonotothen ramsayi (Longtail Southern cod)[1]
Percophis brasiliensis (Brazilian flathead)[1]
Pleoticus muelleri (Argentine red shrimp)[1]
Raneya brasiliensis[1]
Squatina guggenheim (Argentine angelshark)[1]
Trachurus lathami (Rough scad)[1]


Squatina guggenheim (Argentine angelshark)[1]


Southwest Atlantic: southern Brazil and Argentina (Ref. 26282).;



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