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Salmo trutta (Brown trout)

Synonyms: Fario argenteus; Fario lacustris; Fario trutta; Salar ausonii; Salar ausonii var. parcepunctata; Salar ausonii var. semipunctata; Salar bailloni; Salar gaimardi; Salar spectabilis; Salmo albus; Salmo brachypoma; Salmo caecifer; Salmo cambricus; Salmo cornubiensis; Salmo cumberland; Salmo eriox; Salmo estuarius; Salmo fario; Salmo fario loensis; Salmo fario var. forestensis; Salmo faris var. forestensis; Salmo gadoides; Salmo gallivensis; Salmo illanca; Salmo islayensis; Salmo lacustris; Salmo lacustris rhenana; Salmo lacustris romanovi; Salmo lacustris septentrionalis; Salmo lemanus; Salmo levenensis; Salmo mistops; Salmo montana; Salmo orcadensis; Salmo oxianus; Salmo phinoc; Salmo polyosteus; Salmo rappii; Salmo saxatilis; Salmo spurius; Salmo sylvaticus; Salmo taurinus; Salmo trutta aralensis; Salmo trutta fario; Salmo trutta lacustris; Salmo trutta oxianus; Salmo trutta trutta; Salmo truttula; Salmo venernensis; Trutta fario; Trutta lacustris; Trutta marina; Trutta trutta; Trutta variabilis

Wikipedia Abstract

Salmo trutta morpha fario is the riverine form or the brown trout Salmo trutta that spends its entire life cycle in running water. While previously considered a distinct subspecies or even species, it is currently not considered to be taxonomically different from other ecological or migratory forms of the brown trout, i.e. the sea trout (Salmo trutta morpha trutta) or the lacustrine brown trout (Salmo trutta morpha lacustris). The fario morph is often referred to as river trout in Europe. Riverine brown trout average 20 to 80 centimetres (7.9 to 31.5 in) but can reach lengths of 1 metre (3.3 ft). They usually attain a weight of up to 2 kilograms, but sometimes up to 13 kilograms (29 lb). Their back is olive-dark brown and silvery blue, red spots with light edges occur towards the belly, th
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Invasive Species

Salmo trutta has been introduced around the world for aquaculture and stocked for sport fisheries. It is blamed for reducing native fish populations, especially other salmonids, through predation, displacement and food competition. It is a popular angling fish.
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Female Maturity [2]  4 years
Diet [1]  Carnivore
Adult Length [2]  4.6 feet (140 cm)
Brood Dispersal [2]  Hidden
Brood Egg Substrate [2]  Lithophils (rock-gravel)
Brood Guarder [2]  No
Litter Size [2]  8,000
Maximum Longevity [2]  38 years
Migration [3]  Anadromous
Water Biome [1]  Rivers and Streams


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Alaska & Canada Pacific Coastal Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Apalachicola United States Nearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Appalachian Piedmont United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Bonneville United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
Cantabric Coast - Languedoc France, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Central & Western Europe Austria, Belgium, Byelarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Central Prairie United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Chesapeake Bay United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Colorado Mexico, United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
Columbia Glaciated Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Columbia Unglaciated United States Nearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Cumberland United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Death Valley United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
Eastern Iberia Andorra, France, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Gila Mexico, United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
Gulf of Venice Drainages Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Italian Peninsula & Islands France, Italy, Malta, Monaco Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Lahontan United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
Laurentian Great Lakes Canada, United States Nearctic Large Lakes    
Middle Missouri United States Nearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Mobile Bay United States Nearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Northeast US & Southeast Canada Atlantic Drainages Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Northern Baltic Drainages Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden Palearctic Polar Freshwaters    
Northern British Isles Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Oregon & Northern California Coastal United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Ozark Highlands United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Sacramento - San Joaquin United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Southern California Coastal - Baja California Mexico, United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    
St. Lawrence Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Teays - Old Ohio United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Tennessee United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Upper Danube Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Upper Mississippi United States Nearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Upper Missouri Canada, United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Upper Rio Grande - Bravo Mexico, United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Upper Snake United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
US Southern Plains United States Nearctic Temperate Upland Rivers    
Vegas - Virgin United States Nearctic Xeric Freshwaters and Endorheic Basins    

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
ALTO CINCA 36250 Spain  
Abavas senleja 36900 Latvia  
Acadia National Park II 35996 Maine, United States
Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve National Park II 59233 Hungary
Alta Valsesia e Valli Otro, Vogna, Gronda, Artogna e Sorba 46789 Italy  
Alte Valli Anzasca, Antrona e Bognanco 53311 Italy  
Alto Garda Bresciano 53192 Italy  
Ances purvi un mezi 21676 Latvia  
Arthur's Pass National Park II 257008 South Island, New Zealand
Awarua Wetland 49421 South Island, New Zealand      
Banff National Park II 1690912 Alberta, Canada
Bayerischer Wald National Park II 59790 Germany
Berchtesgaden Alps National Park II 51433 Germany
Berwyn a Mynyddoedd de Clwyd/ Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains 67265 Wales, United Kingdom
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area V 36286 Montana, Wyoming, United States
Boschi del Ticino 50788 Italy  
Canyonlands National Park II 335430 Utah, United States
Cape Breton Highlands National Park II 234333 Nova Scotia, Canada  
Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve 9859505 New York, Vermont, United States  
Crater Lake National Park II 180091 Oregon, United States
Dagestan State Nature Reserve 47101 Dagestan, Russia
Dartmoor 57244 England, United Kingdom
Eryri/ Snowdonia 48773 Wales, United Kingdom  
Exmoor Heaths 26455 England, United Kingdom
Fannich Hills 23816 Scotland, United Kingdom
Gimån; Uppströms Holmsjön 35718 Sweden  
Grampians National Park II 416373 Victoria, Australia
Great Basin National Park II 77367 Nevada, United States
Great Smoky Mountains National Park II 515454 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States
Hattah-Kulkyne NP and Murray-Kulkyne Park National Park II 122831 Victoria, Australia
Inverpolly 29349 Scotland, United Kingdom
Jasper National Park II 2776809 Alberta, Canada
Kavkazskiy Biosphere Reserve Ia 692723 Krasnodar, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea, Russia
Kejimkujik National Park II 94203 Nova Scotia, Canada
Khazar Zapovednik State Nature Reserve Ia 658105 Turkmenistan  
Kitka 30673 Finland  
Kivach Zapovednik IV 26885 Karelia, Russia
Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve II 256073 Western Cape, South Africa  
Kosciuszko National Park II 1705480 New South Wales, Australia
LOS VALLES 79029 Spain  
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area V 103172 Washington, United States
Lanín National Park II 536819 Neuquen, Argentina
Lassen Volcanic National Park II 29388 California, United States
Lizard Point 34565 England, United Kingdom    
Los Alerces National Park II 463045 Chubut, Argentina  
Luberon Regional Nature Park V 406572 France  
MONTES DE TOLEDO 538722 Spain  
Monte Rosa 21095 Italy  
Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve 293047 British Columbia, Canada  
Mount Rainier National Park II 235186 Washington, United States
Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve 470167 Ontario, Canada  
North Pennine Moors 254789 England, United Kingdom
North York Moors 108930 England, United Kingdom
Oberlausitzer Heide - und Teichlandschaft Nature Reserve IV 32467 Germany  
POSETS - MALADETA 82205 Spain  
Paanajärvi National Park 258158 Karelia, Russia
Parco Naturale Adamello 53676 Italy  
Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio National Park V 333737 Italy
Parco Regionale Orobie Bergamasche 121015 Italy  
Parco Regionale Orobie Valtellinesi 56377 Italy  
Pirin 99722 Bulgaria  
Polana Biosphere Reserve 50311 Slovakia  
Prespa National Park II 62043 Greece  
Puulavesi 40886 Finland  
River Tay 23469 Scotland, United Kingdom
Ruunaa 29598 Finland  
SIERRA DE AYLLON 225747 Spain  
SIERRA NORTE 438558 Spain  
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore II 62563 Michigan, United States
Sliteres nacionalais parks 39895 Latvia  
Smolenskoe Poozerie National Park 361359 Smolensk, Russia
Sochi National Park 478735 Krasnodar, Russia
Southern Appalachian Biosphere Reserve 37548505 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States  
Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve 3821173 Canada  
Spreewald Biosphere Reserve 117355 Germany  
Sumava Biosphere Reserve 412955 Czech Republic  
Sunart 25320 Scotland, United Kingdom
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
Tjeggelvas 81076 Sweden  
Tzentralen Balkan 177099 Bulgaria  
VIÑAMALA 62053 Spain  
Val Formazza 54914 Italy  
Vessertal-Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve 42250 Germany  
Västra Vättern 146577 Sweden  
Vättern (södra) 122343 Sweden  
Vättern (östra) 158858 Sweden  
Waddensea of Hamburg Biosphere Reserve 31422 Germany  
Waddensea of Schleswig-Holstein Biosphere Reserve 724639 Germany
Waterton Biosphere Reserve II 121459 Alberta, Canada
Yellowstone Biosphere Reserve II 2196863 Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, United States
Yosemite National Park II 95209 California, United States
Yuzhno-Uralsky State Nature Reserve 624742 Chelyabinsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
Ziemelgauja 53743 Latvia  
Zion National Park II 135667 Utah, United States


Prey / Diet

Adicella reducta[4]
Agabus didymus[4]
Alosa pseudoharengus (kyack)[5]
Ammodytes tobianus (lesser sand eel)[4]
Anabolia nervosa (Quiverfly)[4]
Anisus vortex[4]
Aoteapsyche colonica[4]
Aoteapsyche raruraru[4]
Aphrophila neozelandica[4]
Archichauliodes diversus[4]
Asellus aquaticus (waterlouse)[4]
Atalophlebioides cromwelli[4]
Austroclima jollyae[4]
Austroperla cyrene[4]
Austrosimulium australense[4]
Baetis rhodani (Large dark olive)[4]
Bithynia tentaculata (mud bithynia)[4]
Boiga dendrophila (Gold-ringed Cat Snake, Mangrove Snake)[4]
Brachycentrus subnubilus[4]
Bythotrephes longimanus (spiny waterflea)[4]
Caenis rivulorum[4]
Callibaetis ferrugineus[4]
Chilina gibbosa[4]
Chydorus sphaericus[4]
Clupea harengus (Yawling)[4]
Coloburiscus humeralis[4]
Cordulegaster boltonii (Golden-ringed Dragonfly)[4]
Coregonus albula (European whitefish)[4]
Coregonus hoyi (Bloater)[5]
Coregonus lavaretus (Houting)[4]
Corixa punctata (lesser water boatman)[4]
Corophium volutator (mud shrimp)[4]
Cottus cognatus (Anadyr sculpin)[5]
Cottus gobio (Bullhead)[4]
Crangon crangon (common shrimp)[4]
Daphnia longispina[4]
Daphnia middendorffiana[4]
Daphnia pulex (Water flea)[4]
Ephemera danica (green drake)[4]
Erpobdella octoculata[4]
Eudiaptomus graciloides[6]
Eurycercus lamellatus[4]
Fenestraria rhopalophylla (babies toes)[4]
Forficula auricularia (European earwig)[4]
Gadus morhua (rock cod)[4]
Gammarus locusta[4]
Gammarus pulex[4]
Gasterosteus aculeatus (Alaskan stickleback)[6]
Gobio gobio (Gudgeon)[4]
Gymnocephalus cernua (Ruffe)[4]
Halesus radiatus[4]
Hediste diversicolor (veelkleurige zeeduizendpoot)[4]
Helicopsyche albescens[4]
Heptagenia sulphurea[4]
Hesperodiaptomus shoshone[4]
Hydrobiosella stenocerca[4]
Hydrobiosis frater[4]
Hydrobiosis parumbripennis[4]
Hydropsyche angustipennis[4]
Hydropsyche pellucidula (Grey Flag Caddisfly)[4]
Hyperoplus lanceolatus (greater sand eel)[4]
Ichthyomyzon fossor (Northern brook lamprey)[4]
Idotea balthica (gewone zeepissebed)[4]
Isoperla grammatica[4]
Jaera albifrons[4]
Lasiocephala basalis[4]
Lepeophtheirus hippoglossi[4]
Lepidostoma hirtum[4]
Lepidurus arcticus (arctic tadpole shrimp)[4]
Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill)[4]
Leptodiaptomus signicauda[4]
Leuciscus leuciscus (Dace)[4]
Leuctra fusca[4]
Leuctra geniculata[4]
Leuctra moselyi[4]
Limanda limanda (Sand dab)[4]
Lymnaea stagnalis (swamp lymnaea)[4]
Megaleptoperla diminuta[4]
Megaleptoperla grandis[4]
Merlangius merlangus (Whiting)[4]
Microstomus kitt (Sweet fluke)[4]
Myoxocephalus quadricornis (Alaska fourhorn sculpin)[5]
Mystacides azureus[4]
Mytilus edulis (Blue mussel)[4]
Nemoura erratica[4]
Nemurella pictetii[4]
Neogobius melanostomus (Round goby)[5]
Neomysis integer[4]
Nesameletus ornatus[4]
Olinga feredayi[4]
Oncorhynchus aguabonita (Golden trout)[4]
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout)[4]
Oreodytes sanmarkii[4]
Oreodytes septentrionalis[4]
Osmerus eperlanus (European smelt)[4]
Osmerus mordax (Rainbow smelt)[5]
Oxyethira albiceps[4]
Paraleptophlebia submarginata[4]
Paranephrops zealandicus (koura)[4]
Parathemisto oblivia[4]
Perca flavescens (Yellow perch)[5]
Perca fluviatilis (River perch)[4]
Peringia ulvae (Laver spire shell)[4]
Perlodes microcephalus[4]
Petromyzon marinus (Eel sucker)[4]
Philorheithrus agilis[4]
Phoxinus phoxinus (Minnow)[4]
Physa fontinalis (common bladder snail)[4]
Platambus maculatus[4]
Polycentropus flavomaculatus[4]
Polyplectropus puerilis[4]
Pomatoschistus minutus (freckled goby)[4]
Potamophylax latipennis[4]
Potamopyrgus antipodarum (New Zealand mud snail)[4]
Protonemura meyeri[4]
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper)[7]
Pungitius pungitius (Ninespine stickleback)[4]
Pycnocentria evecta[4]
Radix balthica (wandering snail)[4]
Radix labiata[4]
Rana cascadae (Cascades Frog)[7]
Rana muscosa (Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog)[4]
Rhithrogena semicolorata[4]
Rhyacophila dorsalis[4]
Rutilus rutilus (Roach)[4]
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)[4]
Salmo trutta (Brown trout)[4]
Salvelinus alpinus (Arctic charr)[6]
Salvelinus fontinalis (charr)[4]
Sander lucioperca (Pike-perch)[4]
Schistomysis spiritus[4]
Semibalanus balanoides (Barnacle)[4]
Sericostoma personatum (Welshman's Button Caddisfly)[4]
Serratella ignita[4]
Sialis lutaria (Common Alderfly)[4]
Sigara striata[4]
Silo nigricornis[4]
Silo pallipes[4]
Simulium ornatum[4]
Simulium vittatum[4]
Sprattus sprattus (Whitebait)[4]
Stagnicola palustris[4]
Stenoperla prasina[4]
Tipula montium[4]
Valvata piscinalis (European stream valvata)[4]
Zelandobius furcillatus[4]
Zelandoperla agnetis[4]
Zelandoperla decorata[4]
Zelandoperla fenestrata[4]
Zelolessica cheira[4]
Zephlebia spectabilis[4]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aythya fuligula (Tufted Duck)1
Bucephala clangula (Common Goldeneye)1
Clangula hyemalis (Oldsquaw)2
Esox lucius (Jack)1
Gasterosteus aculeatus (Alaskan stickleback)1
Gavia arctica (Black-throated Loon)2
Gavia pacifica (Pacific Loon)2
Gavia stellata (Red-throated Loon)2
Lagenorhynchus acutus (Atlantic White-sided Dolphin)1
Larus canus (Mew Gull)2
Lota lota (Thin-tailed burbot)7
Melanitta nigra (Black Scoter)1
Mergus serrator (Red-breasted Merganser)2
Micropterus dolomieu (Smallmouth bass)7
Oncorhynchus clarkii (Cutthroat trout)1
Oncorhynchus kisutch (coho salmon or silver salmon)7
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout)7
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (chinook salmon or king salmon)7
Perca fluviatilis (River perch)1
Phalacrocorax auritus (Double-crested Cormorant)2
Phocoena phocoena (Harbor Porpoise)2
Platalea leucorodia (Eurasian Spoonbill)1
Podiceps grisegena (Red-necked Grebe)1
Pollachius pollachius (Pollock)1
Polyphemus pediculus1
Ptychocheilus oregonensis (Seatrout)1
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)1
Salvelinus alpinus (Arctic charr)2
Salvelinus namaycush (American lake char)7
Sander vitreus (Walleye)7
Squalus acanthias (Common spiny)1
Sterna forsteri (Forster's Tern)1
Sterna paradisaea (Arctic Tern)2
Thymallus arcticus (Arctic grayling)1
Tringa melanoleuca (Greater Yellowlegs)1


Anguilla anguilla (River eel)[4]
Aonyx capensis (African Clawless Otter)[8]
Ardea cinerea (Grey Heron)[4]
Esox lucius (Jack)[4]
Gavia arctica (Black-throated Loon)[6]
Gavia stellata (Red-throated Loon)[6]
Halichoerus grypus (Gray Seal)[4]
Hydrictis maculicollis (Spotted-necked Otter)[9]
Ichthyomyzon castaneus (Chestnut lamprey)[4]
Lampetra fluviatilis (freshwater lamprey)[4]
Larus argentatus (Herring Gull)[4]
Lontra provocax (Southern River Otter)[10]
Lutra lutra (European Otter)[4]
Mergus merganser (Common Merganser)[4]
Mergus serrator (Red-breasted Merganser)[4]
Oncorhynchus aguabonita (Golden trout)[4]
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout)[4]
Petromyzon marinus[5]
Phalacrocorax carbo (Great Cormorant)[4]
Phoca vitulina (Harbor Seal)[4]
Salmo trutta (Brown trout)[4]
Salvelinus fontinalis (charr)[4]


Parasitized by 
Acanthocephalus anguillae[11]
Acanthocephalus clavula[11]
Acanthocephalus dirus[11]
Acanthocephalus echigoensis[11]
Acanthocephalus falcatus[11]
Acanthocephalus lucii[11]
Acanthocephalus tumescens[11]
Acanthostomoides apophalliformis <Unverified Name>[11]
Allocreadium transversale <Unverified Name>[11]
Anisakis simplex[11]
Apatemon gracilis[11]
Apophallus brevis[11]
Ascarophis skrjabini <Unverified Name>[11]
Azygia lucii[11]
Bothrimonus sturionis[11]
Bothriocephalus infunibuliformis <Unverified Name>[11]
Brachyphallus crenatus[11]
Bunocotyle cingulata[11]
Bunodera luciopercae[11]
Camallanus corderoi <Unverified Name>[11]
Camallanus lacustris[11]
Camallanus truncatus[11]
Capillaria coregoni <Unverified Name>[11]
Capillaria salvelini <Unverified Name>[11]
Chilodonella cyprini[12]
Contracaecum aduncum[11]
Corynosoma semerme[11]
Corynosoma strumosum[11]
Crepidostomum farionis[11]
Crepidostomum metoecus[11]
Crowcrocaecum proavitum <Unverified Name>[11]
Cryptocotyle lingua[11]
Cucullanus antipodeus <Unverified Name>[11]
Cucullanus truttae <Unverified Name>[11]
Cyathocephalus truncatus[11]
Cystidicola farionis <Unverified Name>[11]
Cystidicoloides ephemeridarum <Unverified Name>[11]
Cystidicoloides tenuissima <Unverified Name>[11]
Cystidicoloides tenuissima <Unverified Name>[11]
Dacnitis truttae <Unverified Name>[11]
Dentitruncus truttae[11]
Derogenes varicus[11]
Deropegus patagonicus[11]
Desmidocercella numidica <Unverified Name>[11]
Dibothriocephalus dendriticus[11]
Dibothriocephalus ditremus[11]
Dibothriocephalus latus[11]
Diplocotyle olrikii[11]
Diplostomum gasterostei[11]
Diplostomum indistinctum <Unverified Name>[11]
Diplostomum macrostomum <Unverified Name>[11]
Diplostomum mergi <Unverified Name>[11]
Diplostomum paraspathaceum[11]
Diplostomum spathaceum[11]
Diplostomum volvens[11]
Diplozoon paradoxum[11]
Discocotyle sagittata[11]
Echinorhynchus baeri[11]
Echinorhynchus bothniensis[11]
Echinorhynchus cinctulus[4]
Echinorhynchus gadi[11]
Echinorhynchus lateralis[11]
Echinorhynchus salmonis[11]
Echinorhynchus truttae[11]
Eubothrium crassum[11]
Eubothrium salvelini[11]
Eustrongylides gadopsis <Unverified Name>[12]
Eustrongylides mergorum <Unverified Name>[11]
Eustrongylides phalacrocoracis <Unverified Name>[12]
Excoitocaecum wisniewski <Unverified Name>[11]
Filochona sulaki <Unverified Name>[11]
Gyrodactylus aphyae[11]
Gyrodactylus colemanensis[11]
Gyrodactylus derjavini[11]
Gyrodactylus magnificus[11]
Gyrodactylus nov <Unverified Name>[11]
Gyrodactylus salaris (Salmon Fluke)[11]
Gyrodactylus salmonis[11]
Gyrodactylus teuchis <Unverified Name>[11]
Gyrodactylus thymalli <Unverified Name>[11]
Gyrodactylus truttae <Unverified Name>[11]
Hedruris spinigera[11]
Hemiurus communis[11]
Hemiurus levinseni[11]
Hemiurus luehei[11]
Hepatoxylon trichiuri[11]
Heterotyphlum obtusocaudatum <Unverified Name>[11]
Hysterothylacium fabri <Unverified Name>[11]
Hysterothylacium gadi <Unverified Name>[11]
Hysterothylacium patagonense <Unverified Name>[11]
Ichthyocotylurus erraticus[11]
Ichthyocotylurus metacercaria <Unverified Name>[11]
Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (freshwater white spot disease)[12]
Lecithaster gibbosus[11]
Lecithocladium magnacetabulum[11]
Lecithocladium seriolellae[11]
Ligula intestinalis[11]
Metabronema salvelini <Unverified Name>[11]
Metagonimus yokogawai[11]
Metechinorhynchus sevani <Unverified Name>[11]
Neoechinorhynchus crassus[11]
Neoechinorhynchus rutili[11]
Nicolla proavitum <Unverified Name>[11]
Nicolla skrjabini[11]
Nicolla testiobliqua <Unverified Name>[11]
Nicolla wisniewskii[11]
Oswaldocruzia filiformis <Unverified Name>[11]
Petromyzon marinus (Eel sucker)[5]
Philonema oncorhynchi <Unverified Name>[11]
Phyllodistomum folium[11]
Phyllodistomum megalorchis <Unverified Name>[11]
Phyllodistomum simile[11]
Phyllodistomum umblae[11]
Podocotyle atomon[11]
Polymorphus minutus[11]
Polymorphus phippsi[11]
Pomphorhynchus bosniacus[11]
Pomphorhynchus laevis[11]
Porrocaecum ensicaudatum[11]
Proteocephalus exiguus[11]
Proteocephalus longicollis[11]
Proteocephalus neglectus <Unverified Name>[11]
Proteocephalus neglectus <Unverified Name>[11]
Pseudocapillaria salvelini <Unverified Name>[11]
Pseudochetosoma salmonicola[11]
Pseudoechinorhynchus borealis <Unverified Name>[11]
Pseudorhadinorhynchus salmothymi <Unverified Name>[11]
Pseudoterranova decipiens[11]
Raphidascaris acus <Unverified Name>[11]
Rhabdochona denudata[11]
Rhabdochona gnedini <Unverified Name>[11]
Rhabdochona hellichi <Unverified Name>[11]
Rhabdochona oncorhynchi[11]
Rhabdochona sulaki <Unverified Name>[11]
Rhabdochona sulaki <Unverified Name>[11]
Schistocephalus solidus[11]
Schulmanella petruschewskii <Unverified Name>[11]
Scolex pleuronectis <Unverified Name>[11]
Sphaerostomum bramae <Unverified Name>[11]
Spinitectus gordoni <Unverified Name>[11]
Spiroxys contorta <Unverified Name>[11]
Sterliadochona ephemeridarum <Unverified Name>[11]
Sterliadochona ssavini <Unverified Name>[11]
Sterliadochona tenuissima <Unverified Name>[11]
Streptocara crassicauda <Unverified Name>[11]
Telogaster opisthorchis[11]
Tetraonchus alaskensis[11]
Tetraonchus gussevi <Unverified Name>[11]
Triaenophorus crassus[11]
Triaenophorus nodulosus[11]
Triaenophorus robustus <Unverified Name>[11]
Truttaedacnitis truttae <Unverified Name>[11]
Tylodelphys clavata[11]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Aquarium du Quebec
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
John G. Shedd Aquarium
London Aquarium
Museum de Besancon
Oresundsakvariet (Oresund Aquarium)
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Shepreth Wildlife Park
Universeum Science Center


Africa-Inland Waters; America, South - Inland waters; Argentina; Armenia; Asia - Inland waters; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Northeast; Audubon National Wildlife Refuge; Australia; Australian; Bangladesh; Belgium; Brahmaputra; Bulgaria; Caspian Sea; Chile; China; Czech Republic; Denmark; Elbe; Estonia; Ethiopian; Europe - Inland waters; Finland; France; Germany, Fed. Rep.; India; Iran (Islamic Rep. of); Kenya; Latvia; Madagascar; Netherlands; Northeast Atlantic: southward to southern Norway; Iceland; southern Greenland. Non-migratory and land-locked relict populations south to the British Isles and central France. Reported from Greece (Ref. 27724), Estonia (Ref. 33247) and Argentina (Ref. ; Northeast Atlantic: southward to southern Norway; Iceland; southern Greenland. Non-migratory and land-locked relict populations south to the British Isles and central France. Reported from Greece (Ref. 27724), Estonia (Ref. 33247) and Argentina (Ref. 9086). Elsewhere circumpolar. Likely to benefit from environmental regulation passed in France on 8/12/88 (Ref. 2163). Considered a synonym of <i>Salmo trutta trutta</i> by Kottelat (Ref. 13696).; Oceania - Inland waters; Oriental; Pakistan; Palearctic; Serbia and Montenegro; South Africa; Sweden; Switzerland; Ukraine; United Kingdom;



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