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Chilomycterus antennatus (Bridled burrfish)

Synonyms: Cyclichthys antennatus; Diodon antennatus
Language: Mandarin Chinese; Portuguese; Romanian; Spanish

Wikipedia Abstract

Chilomycterus antennatus (Bridled burrfish) is a species of fish belonging to the Diodontidae family. It is native to the tropical waters of the Western Atlantic from southeastern Florida and the Bahamas to northern South America. They are also found in the Eastern Atlantic off the cost of Mauritania.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Buenavista Wetland Reserve 778949 Cuba    
Cayos Cochinos Archipelago National Park Natural Marine Monument   Honduras  
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary IV 2387149 Florida, United States
Saba Marine Park National Marine Park II 5573 Netherlands Antilles  

Prey / Diet

Cassis tuberosa (Caribbean helmet)[1]
Cymatium femorale (angular triton)[1]
Cypraecassis testiculus (reticulate cowrie-helmet)[1]
Dermomurex pauperculus (beggar aspella)[1]
Eulithidium thalassicola (turtlegrass pheasant)[1]
Lobatus costatus (milk conch)[1]
Lobatus gallus (roostertail conch)[1]
Lobatus gigas (pink or queen conch)[1]
Modulus modulus (buttonsnail)[1]
Monoplex nicobaricus (goldmouth triton)[1]
Paguristes cadenati (red reef hermit)[1]
Paguristes tortugae (bandeye hermit)[1]
Paracerceis caudata[1]
Smaragdia viridis (emerald nerite)[1]


Carcharhinus perezii (Caribbean reef shark)[1]
Lutjanus synagris (Walliacke)[1]


Western Atlantic: southeastern Florida, USA and the Bahamas to northern South America. Eastern Atlantic: off Mauritania (Ref. 5377).;



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