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Engraulicypris sardella (Lake sardine)

Synonyms: Barilius sardella; Engraulicypris pinguis
Language: Czech; Finnish; Mandarin Chinese; Nyanja; Swahili

Wikipedia Abstract

The lake sardine (Engraulicypris sardella) is an African species of freshwater fish in the Cyprinidae family.It is endemic to Lake Malawi and its outlet, the (upper) Shire River; it is found in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Lake sardine is an important fishery species in Lake Malawi, both as a food fish and as bait. It is a pelagic, shoaling species that feeds on zooplankton. Lake sardine grow to a maximum size of 13 cm (5.1 in) TL, though commonly they are smaller.
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Prey / Diet

Chaoborus edulis[1]
Engraulicypris sardella (Lake sardine)[1]


Bagrus meridionalis (Kampoyo)[1]
Dimidiochromis dimidiatus (Ncheni type haplochromis)[1]
Dimidiochromis kiwinge (Lake Malawi cichlid)[1]
Diplotaxodon argenteus (Silver Malawi bigeye cichlid)[1]
Diplotaxodon ecclesi (Cichlid)[1]
Diplotaxodon limnothrissa[1]
Engraulicypris sardella (Lake sardine)[1]
Opsaridium microcephalum (Lake trout)[1]
Oreochromis lidole (Cichlid)[1]
Otopharynx speciosus (Lake Malawi cichlid)[1]
Rhamphochromis esox (Tigerfish)[1]
Rhamphochromis longiceps (Tigerfish)[1]
Rhamphochromis lucius (Tigerfish)[1]
Rhamphochromis macrophthalmus (Torpedo cichlid)[1]
Rhamphochromis woodi (Tigerfish)[1]
Synodontis njassae (Malawi catfish)[2]

Range Map

Africa-Inland Waters; Africa: Occurs in Lake Malawi and upper Shire. Lake Nyasa (Ref.4967).; Ethiopian; Lake Malawi; Malawi; Mozambique; Tanzania, United Rep. of;



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