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Muraenesox bagio (Silver eel; Pike eel; Pike conger; Common pike-conger; Common pike eel; Common pike conger; Brown pike conger; Daggertooth pike conger)

Synonyms: Muraena bagio; Muraenesox baggio; Muraenisox bagio; Muraenosox bagio
Language: Afrikaans; Agutaynen; Bengali; Bikol; Cebuano; Chavacano; Czech; Danish; Davawenyo; Fijian; French; Hiligaynon; Ilokano; Japanese; Kagayanen; Korean; Kuyunon; Malay; Mandarin Chinese; Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug; Polish; Portuguese; Somali; Spanish; Swahili; Tagalog; Visayan; Waray-waray

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The pike eel (Muraenesox bagio) is a species of eel found throughout the Indo-Pacific. In Australia, it is known in the southwest, in Western Australia, around the tropical north of the country, and south to the coast of New South Wales. The average pike eel grows to 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) in length and is usually active during the day.
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Migration [1]  Oceano-estuarine

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Audubon National Wildlife Refuge IV 14642 North Dakota, United States
Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area Ramsar Site   Queensland, Australia


Orectolobus maculatus (Wobbegong)[2]
Tursiops aduncus (Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin)[3]


Agulhas Current; Arabian Sea; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Southeast; Australia; Bangladesh; Bay of Bengal; Cambodia; China; Comoros; Coral Sea and GBR; Davao Gulf; East China Sea; Erhjen River; Fiji Islands; Hong Kong; India; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indo-West Pacific: East Africa to the Philippines and Japan, south to New Guinea, the Arafura Sea (Ref. 9819), Australia, New Caledonia and Fiji.; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Japan; Kaoping River; Kenya; Korea, Republic of; Madagascar; Malaysia; Mauritius; Mozambique; New Caledonia; North Australian Shelf; Northeast Australian Shelf; Northwest Australian Shelf; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Pakistan; Papua New Guinea; Peng-hu Island; Philippines; Réunion; Somali Coastal Current; Somalia; South Africa; South China Sea; Sri Lanka; Sulu-Celebes Sea; Taiwan; Tanzania, United Rep. of; Tsengwen River; Yellow Sea;



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