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Myxine glutinosa (Atlantic hagfish; Borer; Common hag; Hagfish; Hag-fish; Northern hagfish)

Synonyms: Gasterobranchus glutinosus; Gastrobranchus coecus
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Myxine glutinosa, known as the Atlantic hagfish in North America, and often simply as the hagfish in Europe, is a species of jawless fish of the genus Myxine.
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Prey / Diet

Clupea harengus (Yawling)[1]
Gadus morhua (rock cod)[1]
Melanogrammus aeglefinus (Smokie)[1]
Molva molva (Ling)[1]
Myxine glutinosa (Atlantic hagfish)[1]
Pandalus borealis (northern shrimp)[1]
Pollachius virens (Sillock)[1]
Scomber scombrus (Split)[1]
Sprattus sprattus (Whitebait)[1]
Squalus acanthias (Common spiny)[1]


Amblyraja radiata (Starry ray)[2]
Brosme brosme (Tusk)[1]
Gadus morhua (rock cod)[1]
Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Halibut)[1]
Lagenorhynchus acutus (Atlantic White-sided Dolphin)[3]
Lophius piscatorius (Monkfish)[1]
Merlangius merlangus (Whiting)[1]
Myxine glutinosa (Atlantic hagfish)[1]
Phocoena phocoena (Harbor Porpoise)[1]


North Atlantic: Murmansk to the Mediterranean Sea; Greenland to USA. Absent in eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea. Only hagfish in the Northeast Atlantic.;



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