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Sebastes borealis (Black-throated rock-fish; Buoy keg; Rock cod; Rockfish; Shortraker rockfish)

Synonyms: Sebastes caenaematicus
Language: Heiltsuk; Japanese; Mandarin Chinese

Wikipedia Abstract

Shortraker rockfish (Sebastes borealis) is an offshore, demersal species distributed from the southeastern Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, to Fort Bragg, California. It attains lengths greater than one metre (>39 inches) and weighs up to 20 kg (44 pounds).
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Adult Weight [1]  19.64 lbs (8.91 kg)
Maximum Longevity [2]  157 years

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve II 366714 British Columbia, Canada
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve II 137900 British Columbia, Canada

Prey / Diet

Chionoecetes angulatus (triangle Tanner crab)[3]
Chionoecetes opilio (snow crab)[3]
Clupea pallasii (Pacific herring)[3]
Entosphenus tridentatus (Pacific lamprey)[3]
Erimacrus isenbeckii (hair crab)[3]
Gadus chalcogrammus (Whiting)[3]
Icelus canaliculatus (Blacknose sculpin)[3]
Leuroglossus schmidti (northern smoothtongue)[3]
Lycodes concolor (Ebony eelpout)[3]
Malacocottus zonurus (Bartail sculpin)[3]
Pandalopsis dispar (sidestriped shrimp)[3]
Pandalus goniurus (humpy shrimp)[3]
Stenobrachius leucopsarus (Smallfin lanternfish)[3]
Triglops forficatus (Scissortail sculpin)[3]


Anotopterus nikparini (North Pacific daggertooth)[3]
Bathyraja maculata (White-blotched skate)[3]
Bathyraja parmifera (Flathead skate)[3]
Callorhinus ursinus (Northern Fur Seal)[3]
Chondracanthus pinguis[3]
Clavella parva[3]
Echinorhynchus gadi[3]
Microcotyle sebastis[3]
Neobrachiella robusta[3]
Odontaspis ferox (Smalltooth sand-tiger)[3]
Sebastes serranoides (Rockfish)[3]
Trochopus trituba[3]


Parasitized by 
Ascarophis sebastodis[4]
Bothriocephalus scorpii[4]
Brachyphallus crenatus[4]
Corynosoma reductum[4]
Derogenes varicus[4]
Dinosoma tortum[4]
Echinorhynchus gadi[4]
Fellodistomum furcigerum[4]
Grillotia erinaceus[4]
Lecithaster gibbosus[4]
Lecithophyllum botryophorum[4]
Lecithophyllum sphaerolecithum[4]
Lepidapedon gadi[4]
Megalobenedenia derzhavini <Unverified Name>[4]
Megalocotyle trituba <Unverified Name>[4]
Microcotyle sebastis[4]
Neolepidapedon sebastici <Unverified Name>[4]
Nybelinia surmenicola[4]
Opechona alaskensis[4]
Paralepidapedon sebastisci <Unverified Name>[4]
Podocotyle araii <Unverified Name>[4]
Podocotyle atomon[4]
Podocotyle reflexa[4]
Prosorhynchus crucibulum[4]
Pseudoterranova decipiens[4]
Scolex pleuronectis <Unverified Name>[4]
Stephanostomum baccatum[4]
Stephanostomum dentatum[4]
Trochopus trituba[4]
Tubulovesicula lindbergi[4]


Alaska (USA); California Current; Canada; East Bering Sea; Gulf of Alaska; Japan; Kuroshio Current; North Pacific: southeastern Kamchatka to Navarin Canyon in the Bering Sea, Stalemate and Bowers Banks and the Aleutian Islands south to Point Conception, California, USA. Reported from southern Japan (Ref. 559).; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northeast; Pacific, Northwest; Russian Federation; Sea of Japan; Sea of Okhotsk; USA (contiguous states); West Bering Sea;



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