Animalia > Chordata > Actinopterygii > Myctophiformes > Myctophidae > Diaphus > Diaphus hudsoni

Diaphus hudsoni (Hudson's lanternfish; Lanternfish)

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Migration [1]  Oceanodromous

Prey / Diet

Antarctomysis maxima[2]
Calanoides acutus[2]
Calanus propinquus[2]
Calanus simillimus[2]
Eukrohnia hamata[3]
Euphausia frigida[2]
Euphausia similis[2]
Euphausia spinifera[2]
Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill)[2]
Euphausia triacantha[2]
Hyperiella dilatata[2]
Metridia gerlachei[2]
Nematoscelis megalops[2]
Paraeuchaeta antarctica[2]
Phronima sedentaria (Cooper of the sea)[2]
Pleuromamma abdominalis[2]
Primno macropa[2]
Rhincalanus gigas[2]
Rhynchonereella bongraini[2]
Salpa thompsoni[2]
Themisto gaudichaudii[2]
Thysanoessa gregaria[2]
Thysanoessa macrura[2]
Thysanoessa vicina[2]
Vibilia antarctica[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Electrona antarctica (Lanternfish)1
Gymnoscopelus nicholsi (Nichol's lanternfish)1
Gymnoscopelus opisthopterus (Lanternfish)1
Nototheniops larseni (Painted notie)1


Angola; Antarctic; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Antarctic; Atlantic, Southeast; Atlantic, Southwest; Australia; Benguela Current; Brazil; Circumglobal between Subtropical Convergence and about 50°S, but extends in eastern boundary currents. South Atlantic, Pacific and parts of Indian Ocean (Ref. 47377).; East Central Australian Shelf; Humboldt Current; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Antarctic; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Kerguelen Islands; Namibia; New Zealand; New Zealand Shelf; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Southeast; Pacific, Southwest; South Africa; Tasman Sea;



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