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Gobiomorphus breviceps (Upland bully)

Synonyms: Gobiomorphus breyiceps; Philypnodon breviceps
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Wikipedia Abstract

The upland bully (Gobiomorphus breviceps) is a species of sleeper goby endemic to New Zealand. Being amphidromous, it spends part of its life cycle at sea. Both sexes have distinctive orange-brown dots all over the head. Adults often reach a length of 80–100 mm (3.1–3.9 in).
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Prey / Diet

Alona affinis[1]
Aoteapsyche colonica[1]
Archichauliodes diversus[1]
Beraeoptera roria[1]
Chydorus sphaericus[1]
Coloburiscus humeralis[1]
Gobiomorphus breviceps (Upland bully)[1]
Helicopsyche albescens[1]
Hydrobiosis frater[1]
Hydrobiosis parumbripennis[1]
Nesameletus ornatus[1]
Oniscigaster wakefieldi[1]
Oxyethira albiceps[1]
Polyplectropus puerilis[1]
Potamopyrgus antipodarum (New Zealand mud snail)[1]
Zelandobius furcillatus[1]
Zelandoperla decorata[1]
Zephlebia spectabilis[1]


Galaxias vulgaris (Common river galaxias)[1]
Gobiomorphus breviceps (Upland bully)[1]


Parasitized by 
Telogaster opisthorchis[2]


Australian; New Zealand; Oceania - Inland waters; Oceania: endemic to New Zealand.;



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