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Eleotris acanthopoma (Asian sleeper; Spinecheek gudgeon)

Synonyms: Eleotris acanthopomus
Language: Japanese; Mandarin Chinese


Migration [1]  Amphidromous

Prey / Diet

Callogobius tanegasimae (Goby)[2]
Caridina gracilirostris (needlenose caridina)[2]
Eleotris acanthopoma (Asian sleeper)[2]
Leiodytes nicobaricus[2]
Macrobrachium formosense (crane river prawn)[2]
Mangarinus waterousi (chiseltooth goby)[2]
Ptychognathus ishii[2]
Redigobius bikolanus (checkered dualspot goby)[2]
Septaria porcellana[2]


Eleotris acanthopoma (Asian sleeper)[2]
Eleotris fusca (Gobi)[2]


Admiralty Islands; Africa-Inland Waters; Asia - Inland waters; Australia; China; Ethiopian; Guam; Hong Kong; Indian Ocean, Western; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Japan; Madagascar; Malaysia; Micronesia,Fed.States of; New Caledonia; Oceania - Inland waters; Oriental; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Palearctic; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; South China Sea; Sulu-Celebes Sea; Taiwan; Western Pacific: Japan, Taiwan, Malaya, and Indonesia. Also known from the Philippines (Ref. 7223). Recorded from Madagascar (Ref. 26236).; Yellow Sea;



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