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Polygenis atopus

Synonyms: Polygenis agilis; Polygenis truncatus
Language: Russian


Parasite of 
Akodon arenicola[1]
Delomys dorsalis (striped Atlantic forest rat)[1]
Deltamys kempi (Kemp's grass mouse)[2]
Didelphis marsupialis (Common Opossum)[1]
Euryzygomatomys spinosus (guiara)[1]
Felis catus (Domestic Cat)[1]
Holochilus brasiliensis (web-footed marsh rat)[1]
Microryzomys minutus (forest small rice rat)[1]
Monodelphis brevicaudata (Northern Red-sided Opossum)[1]
Neacomys tenuipes (narrow-footed bristly mouse)[1]
Nectomys squamipes (South American water rat)[1]
Nephelomys albigularis (Tomes's rice rat)[1]
Nephelomys devius (boquete rice rat)[1]
Oecomys concolor (unicolored arboreal rice rat)[1]
Oligoryzomys nigripes (black-footed pygmy rice rat)[1]
Peromyscus mexicanus (Mexican deer mouse)[1]
Proechimys semispinosus (Spiny rat)[1]
Rhipidomys mastacalis (long-tailed climbing mouse)[1]
Scapteromys tumidus (swamp rat)[1]
Sooretamys angouya (Paraguayan rice rat)[1]


Carribean subregion; Brazil, Argentina;



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