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Ctenophthalmus solutus solutus

Synonyms: Ctenophthalmus solutus ukrainica
Language: Russian


Parasite of 
Apodemus agrarius (Striped field mouse)[1]
Apodemus flavicollis (Yellow-necked mouse)[1]
Apodemus microps <Unverified Name>[1]
Apodemus sylvaticus (Old World wood and field mouse)[1]
Cricetus cricetus (black-bellied hamster)[1]
Crocidura leucodon (Bicolored Shrew)[1]
Crocidura suaveolens (Lesser White-toothed Shrew)[1]
Eliomys quercinus (garden dormouse)[1]
Homo sapiens (man)[1]
Microtus arvalis (common vole)[1]
Motacilla alba (White Wagtail)[1]
Mus musculus (house mouse)[1]
Muscardinus avellanarius (hazel dormouse)[1]
Mustela eversmanii (Steppe Polecat)[1]
Myodes glareolus (Bank vole)[1]
Neomys fodiens (Eurasian Water Shrew)[1]
Pitymys savii <Unverified Name>[1]
Pitymys subterraneus <Unverified Name>[1]
Sorex alpinus (Alpine Shrew)[1]
Sorex araneus (Eurasian shrew)[1]
Spermophilus citellus (European ground squirrel)[1]
Talpa europaea (European Mole)[1]


West-Mediterranean province, European province; Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Osterreich, Svizzera Confederazione;



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