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Ctenophthalmus uncinatus uncinatus

Language: Russian


Parasite of 
Apodemus agrarius (Striped field mouse)[1]
Apodemus flavicollis (Yellow-necked mouse)[1]
Apodemus sylvaticus (Old World wood and field mouse)[1]
Arvicola amphibius (European water vole)[1]
Bubo bubo (Eurasian Eagle-Owl)[1]
Chionomys nivalis (European snow vole)[1]
Falco peregrinus (Peregrine Falcon)[1]
Falco tinnunculus (Eurasian Kestrel)[1]
Felis catus (Domestic Cat)[1]
Haliaeetus albicilla (White-tailed Eagle)[1]
Lemmus lemmus (Norway lemming)[1]
Micromys minutus (Old World harvest mouse)[1]
Microtus agrestis (field vole)[1]
Microtus arvalis (common vole)[1]
Microtus oeconomus (tundra vole)[1]
Mustela nivalis (Least Weasel)[1]
Myodes glareolus (Bank vole)[1]
Myodes rufocanus (gray red-backed vole)[1]
Myodes rutilus (northern red-backed vole)[1]
Neomys anomalus (southern water shrew)[1]
Neomys fodiens (Eurasian Water Shrew)[1]
Pitymys subterraneus <Unverified Name>[1]
Pitymys tatricus <Unverified Name>[1]
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)[1]
Sicista betulina (northern birch mouse)[1]
Sorex alpinus (Alpine Shrew)[1]
Sorex araneus (Eurasian shrew)[1]
Sorex caecutiens (Laxmann's Shrew)[1]
Sorex minutus (Eurasian Pygmy Shrew)[1]
Talpa europaea (European Mole)[1]


European province; Finland, Sweden, Norwegen, Germany;



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