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Nilaparvata lugens (Brown planthopper)

Synonyms: Delphacodes anderita; Delphacodes ordovis; Delphacodes parysatis; Delphacodes sordescens; Delphax lugens; Delphax lunges; Delphax ordovix; Delphax parysatis; Delphax sordescens; Kalpa aculeata; Liburnia sordescens; Nilaparvata greeni; Nilaparvata sordescens

Wikipedia Abstract

The brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) (Homoptera: Delphacidae) is a planthopper species that feeds on rice plants (Oryza sativa L.). BPH are among the most important pests of rice, and rice is the major staple crop for about half the world's population. They damage rice directly through feeding and also by transmitting two viruses, rice ragged stunt virus and rice grassy stunt virus.
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Prey / Diet

Oryza sativa (rice)[1]
Saccharum officinarum (sugarcane)[1]


Parasitized by 
Agamermis changshaensis <Unverified Name>[2]
Agamermis unka <Unverified Name>[2]



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