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Dismorphia amphione

Synonyms: Dismorphia amphione bertha; Dismorphia amphione mora; Dismorphia arsinoides; Dismorphia astynome f. donia; Dismorphia astynome paulistana

Wikipedia Abstract

The Tiger Mimic White (Dismorphia amphione) is a species of butterfly of the Pieridae family. It is found from Mexico and the Caribbean down to Brazil and Bolivia.The wingspan is about 77 mm. It is an extremely variable species.The larvae feed on Inga species, including Inga sapindoides and Inga densiflora.Dismorphia amphione mimics the ithomiine Mechanitis lysimnia Fabricius in colour pattern and in the slow regular flight.
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Prey / Diet

Acacia decurrens (green wattle)[1]
Inga densiflora (Guava Blanca)[1]
Inga sapindoides[1]
Inga vera (river koko)[1]
Vachellia farnesiana (Ellington curse)[1]


Belize; Brazil; Suriname;



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