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Papilio xuthus (Tiger swallowtail)

Synonyms: Papilio xanthus koxinga; Papilio xanthus neoxuthus; Papilio xuthulus

Wikipedia Abstract

("Asian swallowtail" redirects here. For the other butterfly with this common name, see Papilio lowi.) Papilio xuthus, the Asian swallowtail, Chinese yellow swallowtail or Xuthus swallowtail, is a yellow-colored, medium to large sized swallowtail butterfly found in northeast Asia, northern Myanmar, southern China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan (from Hokkaidō to the Yaeyama Islands), Siberia and the Hawaiian Islands. It was also recorded in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, in 2014.
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Prey / Diet

Asarum sieboldii[1]
Bidens grandiflora (garden cosmos)[1]
Boenninghausenia albiflora[1]
Citrus aurantium (myrtle-leaved orange tree)[1]
Citrus grandis (shaddock)[1]
Citrus junos (yuzu)[1]
Citrus limon (lemon)[1]
Citrus reticulata (tangerine)[1]
Dictamnus albus (Gasplant)[1]
Paeonia obovata[1]
Phellodendron amurense (Amur corktree)[1]
Skimmia japonica[1]
Toddalia asiatica (orange climber)[1]
Zanthoxylum armatum (Bamboo-Leaf Prickly Ash)[1]
Zanthoxylum beecheyanum[1]
Zanthoxylum nitidum[1]
Zanthoxylum piperitum[1]
Zanthoxylum scandens[1]


Pollinator of 
Iris sanguinea (blood iris)[1]


China; Japan; Mongolia; Russia;



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