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Cercis canadensis (Judas Tree; Redbud; Eastern Redbud; Mexican redbud; Texas redbud)

Synonyms: Cercis canadensis var. typica
Language: Russian

Wikipedia Abstract

Cercis canadensis (eastern redbud) is a large deciduous shrub or small tree, native to eastern North America from Southern Ontario, Canada south to northern Florida but can thrive as far west as California.
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Height [3]  39 feet (12 m)
Width [3]  33 feet (10 m)
Allergen Potential [1]  Medium
Screening - Summer [2]  Moderate
Screening - Winter [2]  Porous
Hardiness Zone Minimum [2]  USDA Zone: 4 Low Temperature: -30 F° (-34.4 C°) → -20 F° (-28.9 C°)
Light Preference [2]  Mostly Shady
Soil Acidity [2]  Neutral
Soil Fertility [2]  Infertile
Water Use [2]  Low
Flower Color [2]  Purple
Foliage Color [2]  Green
Fruit Color [2]  Brown
Flower Conspicuous [2]  Yes
Fruit Conspicuous [2]  Yes
Bloom Period [2]  Spring
Drought Tolerance [2]  High
Edible [3]  May be edible. See the Plants For A Future link below for details.
Fire Tolerance [2]  Medium
Flower Type [3]  Hermaphrodite
Frost Free Days [2]  5 months 20 days
Fruit/Seed Abundance [2]  Medium
Fruit/Seed Begin [2]  Spring
Fruit/Seed End [2]  Summer
Growth Form [2]  Multiple Stem
Growth Period [2]  Spring, Summer
Growth Rate [2]  Slow
Hazards [3]  The plant is reported to contain a toxic saponin; Although toxic, saponins are poorly absorbed by the body and most pass straight through without any problem. They are also broken down to a large extent in the cooking process. Saponins are found in many foods, such as some beans. Saponins are much more toxic to some creatures, such as fish, and hunting tribes have traditionally put large quantities of them in streams, lakes etc in order to stupefy or kill the fish;
Leaf Type [3]  Deciduous
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Pollinators [3]  Bees
Propagation [2]  Bare Root, Container, Cutting, Seed
Root Depth [2]  24 inches (61 cm)
Seed Spread Rate [2]  Moderate
Seed Vigor [2]  Medium
Seeds Per [2]  18000 / lb (39683 / kg)
Shape/Orientation [2]  Erect
Specific Gravity [4]  0.65
Structure [3]  Tree
Usage [3]  The bark of young shoots is used in basket making; Wood - heavy, hard, not strong, close grained, takes a very fine polish; It weighs 40lb per cubic foot;
Vegetative Spread Rate [2]  None
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park V 1687 Virginia, United States
Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area National Recreation Area V 120283 Kentucky, Tennessee, United States
Blue Ridge Parkway National Parkway V 73611 North Carolina, Virginia, United States
Bluestone National Scenic River National River and Wild and Scenic Riverway V 3517 West Virginia, United States
Carlsbad Caverns National Park II 15448 New Mexico, United States
Carolinian-South Atlantic Biosphere Reserve 310228 North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, United States      
Catoctin Mountain Park National Park II 5994 Maryland, United States
Central Gulf Coastal Plain Biosphere Reserve 40530 United States  
Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area V 7622 Georgia, United States
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Hist. Park National Historical Park V 19586 Maryland, District of Columbia, United States
Chickamauga & Chattanooga Nat'l Military Park National Military Park V 8248 Georgia, Tennessee, United States
Chippewa Nature Center   Michigan, United States    
Colonial National Historic Park National Historical Park V 9316 Virginia, United States
Cumberland Gap National Hist. Park National Historical Park V 24282 Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, United States
Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge VI 66133 Arkansas, United States
Fort Donelson National Battlefield III 560 Tennessee, United States
Fort Larned National Historic Site III 706 Kansas, United States
Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Nat'l Military Park National Military Park V 10384 Virginia, United States
Friendship Hill National Historic Site III 697 Pennsylvania, United States
Gauley River National Recreation Area V 10157 West Virginia, United States
George Washington Birthplace National Monument V 435 Virginia, United States
George Washington Memorial Parkway V   Virginia, United States
Gettysburg National Military Park V 3560 Pennsylvania, United States
Great Smoky Mountains National Park II 515454 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park VI 715 West Virginia, United States
Herbert Hoover National Historic Site   Iowa, United States
Hobcaw Barony (North Inlet) National Estuarine Research Reserve 7585 South Carolina, United States
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site III 861 Pennsylvania, United States
Horseshoe Bend National Military Park V 1926 Alabama, United States
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore II 8272 Indiana, United States
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park III 2897 Georgia, United States
Little River National Wildlife Refuge   Oklahoma, United States
Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve (Natn'l Park) National Park II 51235 Kentucky, United States
Manassas National Battlefield Park III 5132 Virginia, United States
Morristown National Historical Park VI 1677 New Jersey, United States
New River Gorge National River National River and Wild and Scenic Riverway V 55591 West Virginia, United States
Obed Wild and Scenic River National River and Wild and Scenic Riverway V 5268 Tennessee, United States
Ocmulgee National Monument V 693 Georgia, United States
Oconee National Forest Botanical Reserve 306 Georgia, United States  
Petersburg National Battlefield III 3338 Virginia, United States
Point Pelee National Park II 5764 Ontario, Canada
Richmond National Battlefield Park III 1517 Virginia, United States
Rock Creek Park   District of Columbia, United States
Shenandoah National Park II 108221 Virginia, United States
Shiloh National Military Park III 4061 Tennessee, United States
South Atlantic Coastal Plain Biosphere Reserve 20317 South Carolina, United States  
Southern Appalachian Biosphere Reserve 37548505 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States  
Tennessee River Gorge   Tennessee, United States
Upper Miss. River Nat'l Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge VI 25823 Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States
Valley Forge National Historical Park VI 3509 Pennsylvania, United States
Western Michigan University's Asylum Lake Preserve 274 Michigan, United States

Emblem of



Diaspidiotus juglansregiae (English walnut scale)[5]
Heliococcus osborni (Osborn mealybug)[5]
Neotoma floridana (eastern woodrat)[6]
Papilio troilus (spicebush swallowtail)[7]
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (mulberry scale)[5]
Velataspis dentata (dentate scale)[5]


Pollinated by 
Agapostemon radiatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Agapostemon texanus[7]
Andrena carlini (Mining bee)[8]
Andrena mandibularis[8]
Andrena nigrae[7]
Andrena sayi[8]
Anthemurgus passiflorae (passionflower bee)[7]
Anthophora ursina[8]
Apallates coxendix[7]
Apis mellifera (honey bee)[8]
Augochlora viridula <Unverified Name>[8]
Bombias auricomus <Unverified Name>[8]
Bombias separatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Bombus americanorum[8]
Bombus consimilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Bombus impatiens[8]
Bombylius major (Bee fly)[8]
Centrosmia bucephala <Unverified Name>[8]
Ceratosmia lignaria <Unverified Name>[8]
Chloralictus pilosus <Unverified Name>[8]
Chloralictus sparsus <Unverified Name>[8]
Chloralictus versatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Chloralictus zephyrus <Unverified Name>[8]
Colletes inaequalis[8]
Curtisapis coriacea <Unverified Name>[8]
Curtisapis forbesii <Unverified Name>[8]
Diceratosmia conjuncta <Unverified Name>[8]
Emphoropsis floridana <Unverified Name>[8]
Empis otiosa[8]
Empis pudica[8]
Epicauta pensylvanica[7]
Everes comyntas (Eastern Tailed Blue)[8]
Evylaeus arcuatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Gnathias cuneatus <Unverified Name>[8]
Halictus lerouxii[8]
Holonomada affabilis <Unverified Name>[8]
Leucophenga varia[7]
Lopidea media[7]
Molorchus bimaculatus[8]
Nomada denticulata[8]
Nomada sayi[8]
Opandrena cressonii <Unverified Name>[8]
Osmia atriventris (Maine blueberry bee)[8]
Osmia pumila[8]
Oxystoglossa confusa <Unverified Name>[8]
Oxystoglossa pura <Unverified Name>[8]
Phasia robertsonii[7]
Polistes fuscatus (Paper wasp)[8]
Rhamphomyia priapulus[8]
Sarcophaga sinuata[7]
Seladonia fasciata <Unverified Name>[8]
Spallanzania hesperidarum[7]
Tetralonia belfragei <Unverified Name>[8]
Tetralonia dilecta <Unverified Name>[8]
Thanaos icelus <Unverified Name>[8]
Thanaos juvenalis <Unverified Name>[8]
Themira putris[7]
Trachandrena claytoniae <Unverified Name>[8]
Vanessa atalanta (red admiral)[8]
Vanessa huntera <Unverified Name>[8]
Xanthidium luteoloides <Unverified Name>[8]
Xanthidium luteolum <Unverified Name>[8]
Xenoglossa strenua[7]
Zaodontomerus calcaratus <Unverified Name>[8]


Parasitized by 
Acmaeodera tubulus[7]
Ptosima gibbicollis[7]

Range Map

Argentina (introduced); Canada (native); Gruzia (introduced); Mexico(North & Central) (native); Moldova (introduced); New Zealand(North) (introduced); New Zealand(South) (introduced); Ukraine (introduced); United States (native); Western Michigan University’s Asylum Lake;



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