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Adenanthera pavonina (red beadtree; coral bean tree; Bead Tree; False wili wili; Peacock flower-fence; Red sandalwood tree; Redbeadtree; Curly Bean; red sandlewood; false wiliwili; lopa; Red Bead Tree; Red Sandalwood; Jumbi Bead; Coral Wood; Circassian Seed; Agati; Acacia Coral; Circassian Bean)

Language: French; Kosraean; Portuguese

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Adenanthera pavonina is a species of Leguminous tree, used for its timber, also known as Barbados pride, Coral-wood, Coralwood, Peacock flower fence, Red beadtree, Red sandalwood tree, Red sandalwood, Sandalwood tree, Saga; syn. Adenanthera gersenii Scheff. , Adenanthera polita Miq. , Corallaria parvifolia Rumph. The tree is common within the tropics of the old world. The species has many names in various local languages throughout its range, for example in Kerala it is known as Manchadi.
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Invasive Species

A medium-sized tree up to 15m high, Adenanthera pavonina is native to India and Malaysia. It has been planted extensively throughout the tropics as an ornamental and has become naturalised in many countries. It invades intact, undisturbed hardwood forests as well as disturbed sites and can quickly form large colonies.
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Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Specific Gravity [3]  0.7
Structure [1]  Tree


Planococcus minor (Pacific mealybug)[4]

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Aldabra (uncertain); Andaman Is (native); Antigua-Barbuda (introduced); Australia (native); Bahamas (introduced); Bangladesh (native); Barbados (introduced); Bismarck Archipelago (native); Bougainville (native); Brazil (introduced); Brunei (native); Burma (native); Cambodia (native); Cameroon (introduced); Cayman Is (introduced); Chad (introduced); China (native); Comoro Is (uncertain); Dominica (introduced); Dominican Republic (introduced); Fiji (introduced); French Guiana (introduced); Ghana (introduced); Grenada (introduced); Guadeloupe (introduced); Guinea Bissau (introduced); Haiti (introduced); India (native); India-ISO (native); Indonesia-ISO (native); Irian Jaya (native); Jamaica (introduced); Jawa (native); Kalimantan (native); Laos (native); Lesser Sunda Is (native); Madagascar (introduced); Malaysia-ISO (native); Maldives (uncertain); Martinique (introduced); Mauritius (introduced); Moluccas (native); Montserrat (introduced); Mozambique (introduced); Myanmar (native); Nicobar Is (native); Nigeria (introduced); Niue (introduced); Northern Marianas (uncertain); Pakistan (introduced); Papua New Guinea (native); Peninsular Malaysia (native); Philippines (introduced); Reunion (introduced); Rodrigues (introduced); Sabah (native); Sao Tome & Principe (introduced); Seychelles (uncertain); Sierra Leone (introduced); Singapore (introduced); Society Is (introduced); Solomon Is (native); Sri Lanka (native); St Kitts-Nevis (introduced); St Lucia (introduced); St Vincent (introduced); Sulawesi (native); Sumatera (native); Surinam (introduced); Taiwan (introduced); Tanzania (introduced); Thailand (native); Togo (introduced); Uganda (introduced); United States (introduced); Vietnam (native); Zaire (introduced);



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