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Faidherbia albida (applering acacia; Apple Ring Acacia; Winter Thorn; Ana Tree)

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Faidherbia albida (syn. Acacia albida Delile) is a legume native to Africa and the Middle East, formerly widely included in the genus Acacia. It has also been introduced to India and Pakistan. It is the only member of the genus Faidherbia. Common names for it include Apple-ring Acacia, Ana Tree, Balanzan Tree and Winter Thorn.It is a thorny tree growing up to 6–30 m tall and 2 m in trunk diameter. Its deep-penetrating tap root makes it highly resistant to drought.
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Janka Hardness [2]  980 lbf (445 kgf) Soft
Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Specific Gravity [3]  0.562
Structure [1]  Tree

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Kruger National Park II 4718115 Mpumalanga, South Africa
Mahale Mountains National Park II 398414 Tanzania



Waxiella enkeldoorni[4]


Shelter for 
Nycteris grandis (large slit-faced bat)[5]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

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Kew Millennium Seed Bank Partnership
Svalbard Global Seed Vault


Algeria (native); Angola-ISO (native); Ascension Is (introduced); Benin (native); Botswana (native); Burkina (native); Cameroon (native); Cape Verde (introduced); Chad (native); Cyprus (introduced); Egypt (native); Ethiopia (native); Gambia The (native); Ghana (native); Guinea Bissau (native); India (introduced); Iran (native); Israel (native); Kenya (native); Lebanon (native); Malawi (native); Mali (native); Mauritania (native); Mozambique (native); Namibia-ISO (native); Niger (native); Nigeria (native); Pakistan (introduced); Saudi Arabia (native); Senegal (native); Somalia (native); South Africa (native); Sudan (native); Swaziland (native); Syria (native); Tanzania (native); Togo (native); Uganda (native); Western Sahara (native); Yemen (native); Zaire (native); Zambia (native); Zimbabwe (native);



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