Plantae > Tracheophyta > Magnoliopsida > Fabales > Fabaceae > Taralea > Taralea oppositifolia

Taralea oppositifolia (opposite taralea; Zapatero; Cumarurana; Cunduru; Saint-martin Gris; Tarala; Tonka Bean; Tornillo Caspi)

Synonyms: Coumarouna coriacea; Coumarouna oppositifolia; Coumarouna speciosa; Dipteryx applanata; Dipteryx nudipes; Dipteryx oppositifolia; Dipteryx oppositifolia var. parviflora; Dipteryx speciosa; Swartzia coriacea; Taralea nudipes; Taralea oppositifolia var. parviflora


Janka Hardness [2]  3590 lbf (1628 kgf) Very Hard
Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Specific Gravity [3]  0.89
Structure [1]  Tree


Bolivia (native); Brazil (native); Colombia (native); French Guiana (native); Guyana (native); Peru (native); Surinam (native); Venezuela (native);



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