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Eucalyptus agglomerata (blue-leaf stringybark)

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Eucalyptus agglomerata, known by the common name Blue-leaved Stringybark, is a tree native to eastern Australia. Eucalyptus agglomerata was first described by Joseph Maiden in 1922. Its specific name a Latin adjective for "crowded" and referring to the crowded gumnuts. The type specimen was collected in 1896 by Maiden from Hill Top in the Southern Highlands district of New South Wales.Blue-leaved stringybark is a koala food tree.
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium
Janka Hardness [3]  1690 lbf (767 kgf) Medium
Leaf Type [2]  Evergreen
Specific Gravity [4]  0.602
Structure [2]  Tree


Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala)[5]



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