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Blissus leucopterus (Chinch bug)

Synonyms: Lygaeus leucopterus

Wikipedia Abstract

Blissus leucopterus also known as the true chinch bug is a small North American insect in the order Hemiptera and family Blissidae. It is the most commonly encountered member of the genus Blissus, which are all known as chinch bugs. A closely related species is Blissus insularis, the southern chinch bug.The name of the chinch bug is derived from the Spanish word chinche.
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Prey / Diet

Hordeum vulgare (cereal barley)[1]
Secale cereale (common rye)[1]
Zea mays (corn)[1]


Anthus rubescens (Buff-bellied Pipit)[1]
Atomosia puella[2]
Empidonax alnorum (Alder Flycatcher)[1]
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota (Cliff Swallow)[1]
Proctacanthella cacopiloga[2]
Sialia sialis (Eastern Bluebird)[1]
Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow)[1]
Turdus migratorius (American Robin)[1]


North America;



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