Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Coleoptera > Caraboidea > Carabidae > Scaphinotus > Scaphinotus angusticollis

Scaphinotus angusticollis (Ground Beetle)

Synonyms: Scaphinotus nigripennis; Scaphinotus olympiae


Prey / Diet

Alaskozetes antarcticus (Mite)[1]
Bourletiella hortensis (garden springtail)[1]
Bradysia expolita (Gnat)[1]
Rheumaptera hastata (spear-marked black)[1]
Thrips fallaciosus (Thrip)[1]
Tubifex tubifex (sludge worm)[1]


Catharus ustulatus (Swainson's Thrush)[1]
Scolopocryptops sexspinosus (Centipede)[1]
Sorex cinereus (masked shrew)[2]
Zonotrichia leucophrys (White-crowned Sparrow)[1]



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