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Agriotes lineatus (lined click beetle)

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Agriotes lineatus is a species of beetle in the genus of Agriotes from the family of Elateridae. It is commonly known as the lined click beetle.
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Prey / Diet

Allium cepa (garden onion)[1]
Avena sativa (oats)[1]
Brassica rapa (Field Mustard)[1]
Daucus carota (bird's nest)[2]
Humulus lupulus (common hops)[2]
Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)[1]
Phaseolus vulgaris (Common Bean)[1]
Secale cereale (common rye)[1]
Solanum lycopersicum (Currant Tomato)[1]
Solanum tuberosum (Irish potato)[2]
Triticum aestivum (common wheat)[1]
Zea mays (corn)[1]


Parasitized by 
Steinernema carpocapsae[3]



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