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Leptasterias tenera (Slender sea star)

Synonyms: Asteracanthion flaccida; Asterias tenera

Wikipedia Abstract

Leptasterias tenera is a species of starfish in the family Asteriidae. It is found on the eastern coast of North America.
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Prey / Diet

Balanus glandula (Acorn barnacle)[1]
Chthamalus dalli (Barnacle)[1]
Clinocardium nuttallii (Nuttall cockle)[1]
Eupentacta quinquesemita (Sea cucumber)[1]
Katharina tunicata (black katy)[1]
Lacuna vincta (northern lacuna)[1]
Leptasterias tenera (Slender sea star)[1]
Lottia scutum (plate limpet)[1]
Mopalia swanii[1]
Mytilus californianus (California mussel)[1]
Mytilus edulis (Blue mussel)[1]
Nucella canaliculata (channeled dogwinkle)[1]
Nucella emarginata (emarginate dogwinkle)[1]
Nucella lamellosa (frilled dogwinkle)[1]
Semibalanus balanoides (Barnacle)[1]
Semibalanus cariosus (thatched barnacle)[1]
Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis (Green sea urchin)[1]
Terebratalia transversa (Lampshell)[1]
Trichotropis cancellata (cancellate hairysnail)[1]


Crossaster papposus (spiny sun star, common sun star)[1]
Dermasterias imbricata (Leather sea star)[1]
Fusitriton oregonensis (Oregon triton)[1]
Haematopus bachmani (Black Oystercatcher)[1]
Histrionicus histrionicus (Harlequin Duck)[1]
Larus glaucescens (Glaucous-winged Gull)[1]
Leptasterias tenera (Slender sea star)[1]
Pycnopodia helianthoides (Sunflower sea star)[1]
Solaster endeca (Purple sun star)[1]
Somateria mollissima (Common Eider)[1]


North West Atlantic; United States Exclusive Economic Zone [Atlantic part]; Sargasso Sea; Cobscook Bay; Gulf of Maine;



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