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Echinometra lucunter (rock boring urchin)

Synonyms: Cidaris fenestrata; Cidaris lucunter; Cidaris subangularis; Echinometra acufera; Echinometra lobatus; Echinometra michelini; Echinometra nigrina; Echinometra subangularis; Echinus acufer; Echinus lobatus; Echinus lucunter; Echinus maugei; Ellipsechinus lobatus; Ellipsechinus lukunter; Ellipsechinus subangularis; Heliocidaris castelnaudi; Heliocidaris mexicana; Toxocidaris mexicana

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Echinometra lucunter, the rock boring urchin, is a species of sea urchin in the family Echinometridae. It is found in very shallow parts of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
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Aethaloperca rogaa (Rockcod)[1]
Anisotremus surinamensis (Thicklip grunt)[2]
Diodon hystrix (Ajargo)[2]
Labrisomus nuchipinnis (Molly miller)[2]
Scartella cristata (Molly miller)[3]


Parasitized by 
Syndesmis antillarum <Unverified Name>[4]
Syndisyrinx collongistyla <Unverified Name>[4]
Syndisyrinx evelinae <Unverified Name>[4]

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Akron Zoological Park
Aquarium & Rainforest at Moody Gardens
Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Florida Aquarium
Indianapolis Zoo
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Rotterdam Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoological Park



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