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Diomedea exulans (Wandering Albatross)

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The wandering albatross, snowy albatross, white-winged albatross or goonie (Diomedea exulans) is a large seabird from the family Diomedeidae, which has a circumpolar range in the Southern Ocean. It was the first species of albatross to be described, and was long considered the same species as the Tristan albatross and the Antipodean albatross. A few authors still consider them all subspecies of the same species. The SACC has a proposal on the table to split this species, and BirdLife International has already split it. Together with the Amsterdam albatross, it forms the wandering albatross species complex. The wandering albatross is one of the two largest members of the genus Diomedea (the great albatrosses), being similar in size to the southern royal albatross. It is one of the largest b
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Diomedea exulans exulans (Tristan Albatross)
Diomedea exulans gibsoni (Wandering Albatross) (Attributes)

EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Similiar & Secure (0) 
 Unique & Vulnerable (100)
ED Score: 4.96337
EDGE Score: 3.17193


Adult Weight [2]  18.06 lbs (8.19 kg)
Birth Weight [3]  1.07 lbs (484 g)
Female Weight [2]  16.03 lbs (7.27 kg)
Male Weight [2]  20.08 lbs (9.11 kg)
Weight Dimorphism [2]  25.3 %
Diet [4]  Carnivore (Invertebrates), Piscivore
Diet - Fish [4]  10 %
Diet - Invertibrates [4]  90 %
Forages - Water Surface [4]  100 %
Clutch Size [3]  1
Incubation [5]  78 days
Maximum Longevity [6]  40 years
Migration [1]  Intercontinental
Water Biome [1]  Pelagic, Coastal
Wing Span [7]  9.8 feet (3 m)


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Antipodes Subantarctic Islands tundra Australia, New Zealand Australasia Tundra    
Scotia Sea Islands tundra United Kingdom Antarctic Tundra    
Southern Indian Ocean Islands tundra South Africa, France, Australia Antarctic Tundra    
Tristan Da Cunha-Gough Islands shrub and grasslands United Kingdom Afrotropic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands    

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Coorong National Park II 121235 South Australia, Australia
Fitzgerald River National Park II 732417 Western Australia, Australia
Flinders Chase National Park II 81245 South Australia, Australia
Lavinia Nature Reserve State Reserve II 17390 Tasmania, Australia    
Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Ia 233540 Tasmania, Australia  
Maria Island National Park II 28488 Tasmania, Australia
Palmer LTER Site Long Term Ecological Research   Antarctica    
Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area Ramsar Site   Queensland, Australia
Table Mountain (Cape Peninsula) National Park II 70141 Western Cape, South Africa
Tsitsikamma National Park II 34343 Southern Cape, South Africa  
West Coast National Park II 59916 Western Cape, South Africa
Wilderness National Park II 5929 Western Cape, South Africa  
Wilson's Promontory National Park II 119279 Victoria, Australia

Important Bird Areas

BirdLife Species Factsheet: View Factsheet
Name Location  IBA Criteria   Website   Climate   Land Use 
Île aux Cochons French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4i, A4ii, A4iii    
Île de l'Est French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4i, A4ii, A4iii    
Île de la Possession French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4i, A4ii, A4iii  
Île Foch, Île Sainte Lanne Gramont and Île Howe French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4ii, A4iii
Îles des Apôtres French Southern Territories A1, A4ii, A4iii    
Îles Leygues French Southern Territories A1  
Îles Nuageuses and Île Clugny French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4ii, A4iii  
Baie Larose French Southern Territories A1, A4ii, A4iii
Péninsule Courbet French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4i, A4ii, A4iii  
Péninsule Rallier du Baty French Southern Territories A1, A2, A4ii, A4iii
Prince Edward Islands Special Nature Reserve South Africa A1, A4i, A4ii, A4iii  

Biodiversity Hotspots

Name Location Endemic Species Website
New Zealand New Zealand No

Prey / Diet

Alluroteuthis antarctica[8]
Ancistrocheirus lesueurii (sharpear enope squid)[8]
Anotopterus pharao (Daggertooth)[9]
Antimora rostrata (flatnose codling)[9]
Architeuthis dux (giant squid)[8]
Architeuthis martensi <Unverified Name>[8]
Capsicum frutescens (Wild pepper)[9]
Chaenocephalus aceratus (Scotian icefish)[9]
Champsocephalus gunnari (Mackerel icefish)[9]
Chiroteuthis picteti[9]
Chiroteuthis veranii (Long-armed Squid)[9]
Cycloteuthis sirventi[9]
Dissostichus eleginoides (Patagonsky klykach)[9]
Doryteuthis gahi[8]
Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill)[9]
Filippovia knipovitchi (Smooth Hooked Squid)[8]
Galiteuthis armata (armed cranch squid)[9]
Gobionotothen gibberifrons (Humped rockcod)[9]
Histioteuthis atlantica[9]
Histioteuthis bonnellii (umbrella squid)[10]
Histioteuthis eltaninae[8]
Histioteuthis macrohista[9]
Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis[9]
Histioteuthis miranda[9]
Illex argentinus (Argentine Shortfin Squid)[8]
Kondakovia longimana (Giant Warty Squid)[8]
Lepidoteuthis grimaldii (Grimaldi Scaled Squid)[8]
Macrourus holotrachys (Bigeye grenadier)[9]
Martialia hyadesi (sevenstar flying squid)[9]
Muraenolepis microps (Smalleye moray cod)[9]
Onychoteuthis aequimanus[9]
Onychoteuthis banksii (common clubhook squid)[10]
Onykia ingens (warty squid)[8]
Onykia robsoni (Rugose Hooked Squid)[8]
Pholidoteuthis massyae[8]
Pseudochaenichthys georgianus (South Georgia icefish)[9]
Sardinops sagax (Australian pilchard)[9]
Sphyrion lumpi[9]
Stigmatoteuthis dofleini[10]
Taningia danae (Dana Octopus Squid)[8]
Taonius pavo[10]
Themisto gaudichaudii[9]
Todarodes sagittatus (European flying squid)[9]
Trematomus hansoni (Striped rockcod)[9]
Vampyroteuthis infernalis (vampire squid)[9]
Ventrifossa nasuta (rat-tail)[9]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aptenodytes forsteri (Emperor Penguin)3
Aptenodytes patagonicus (King Penguin)4
Arctocephalus gazella (Antarctic Fur Seal)3
Arctocephalus townsendi (Guadalupe Fur Seal)2
Arctocephalus tropicalis (Subantarctic Fur Seal)4
Balaenoptera acutorostrata (Minke Whale)1
Coryphaena hippurus (Mahi-mahi)3
Diomedea epomophora (Royal Albatross)2
Dissostichus eleginoides (Patagonsky klykach)5
Eudyptes robustus (Snares Penguin)1
Fulmarus glacialoides (Southern Fulmar)3
Galeorhinus galeus (Vitamin shark)1
Globicephala melas (Long-finned Pilot Whale)6
Grampus griseus (Risso's Dolphin)3
Hydrurga leptonyx (Leopard seal)2
Hyperoodon planifrons (Southern Bottlenose Whale)7
Kogia breviceps (Pygmy Sperm Whale)4
Kogia sima (Dwarf Sperm Whale)3
Lagenorhynchus obscurus (Dusky Dolphin)2
Leptonychotes weddellii (Weddell Seal)3
Leucocarbo atriceps (imperial shag)1
Lobodon carcinophaga (Crabeater Seal)1
Macronectes giganteus (Southern Giant Petrel)2
Macronectes halli (Northern Giant Petrel)2
Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback Whale)1
Mesoplodon densirostris (Blainville's Beaked Whale)1
Mirounga angustirostris (Northern Elephant Seal)2
Mirounga leonina (Southern Elephant Seal)5
Ommatophoca rossii (Ross Seal)2
Orcinus orca (Killer Whale)1
Pagodroma nivea (Snow Petrel)1
Phoebastria immutabilis (Laysan Albatross)2
Phoebastria nigripes (Black-footed Albatross)2
Phoebetria fusca (Sooty Albatross)4
Phoebetria palpebrata (Light-mantled Albatross)4
Physeter macrocephalus (Sperm Whale)13
Polyprion americanus (Wreck-fish)2
Pomatomus saltatrix (Tailor run)1
Pterodroma macroptera (Great-winged Petrel)2
Pterodroma neglecta (Kermadec Petrel)3
Pterodroma solandri (Providence Petrel)1
Pterodroma ultima (Murphy's Petrel)3
Pygoscelis adeliae (Adelie Penguin)1
Pygoscelis papua (Gentoo Penguin)1
Spheniscus magellanicus (Magellanic Penguin)1
Sphyrna zygaena (Smooth hammerhead shark)2
Stenella coeruleoalba (Striped Dolphin)4
Thalassarche chlororhynchos (Yellow-nosed Albatross)2
Thalassarche chrysostoma (Grey-headed Albatross)7
Thalassarche melanophris (Black-browed Albatross)4
Thalassoica antarctica (Antarctic Petrel)1
Thunnus albacares (Yellowfin-tuna)1
Trichiurus lepturus (Atlantic Cutlassfish)1
Ziphius cavirostris (Cuvier's Beaked Whale)5


Parasitized by 
Anisakis diomedeae <Unverified Name>[11]
Austromenopon affine[11]
Docophoroides brevis[11]
Episbates pederiformis[11]
Harrisoniella hopkinsi[11]
Paraclisis hyalina[11]
Parapsyllus magellanicus magellanicus[12]
Perineus concinnoides[11]
Porotaenia longissima <Unverified Name>[13]
Seuratia shipleyi <Unverified Name>[11]
Stegophorus diomedeae <Unverified Name>[11]
Tetrabothrius diomedeae <Unverified Name>[11]
Tetrabothrius heteroclitus[13]
Tetrabothrius torulosus[13]

Range Map

Cape Peninsula National Park; North America;



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