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Hygrophila schulli

Synonyms: Asteracantha auriculata; Asteracantha lindaviana; Asteracantha longifolia; Asteracantha macracantha; Bahel schulli; Barleria auriculata; Barleria cornigera; Barleria glabrata; Barleria hexacantha; Barleria longiflora; Barleria spinosa; Hygrophila auriculata; Hygrophila lindaviana; Hygrophila longifolia; Hygrophila schulli var. alba; Hygrophila spinosa; Ruellia longifolia; Tenoria undulata

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Hygrophila auriculata (Sanskrit: Kokilaksha कोकिलाक्ष) is a plant in the acanthus family. It is native to India and commonly known as marsh barbel or gokulakanta.In India, its seeds, roots, and panchang (panch = five ang = parts, i.e. root, flower, stem, fruit, and leaves as ash burnt together) are used as a medication in ayurveda.
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Structure [1]  Herb


Junonia atlites (Gray Pansy)[2]
Nipaecoccus viridis (karoo thorn mealybug)[3]
Pulvinaria obscura[3]



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