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Felis catus (Domestic Cat)

Synonyms: Felis catus domestica

Wikipedia Abstract

The domestic cat (Latin: Felis catus) or the feral cat (Latin: Felis silvestris catus) is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets or simply cats when there is no need to distinguish them from other felids and felines. Cats are often valued by humans for companionship and for their ability to hunt vermin. There are more than 70 cat breeds; different associations proclaim different numbers according to their standards.
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Invasive Species

Felis catus was domesticated in the eastern Mediterranean c. 3000 years ago. Considering the extent to which cats are valued as pets, it is not surprising that they have since been translocated by humans to almost all parts of the world. Notable predators, cats threaten native birdlife and other fauna, especially on islands where native species have evolved in relative isolation from predators.
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EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Not determined do to incomplete vulnerability data.
ED Score: 5.6


Adult Weight [1]  8.60 lbs (3.90 kg)
Birth Weight [1]  98 grams
Female Maturity [1]  9 months 19 days
Diet [2]  Carnivore (Vertebrates)
Diet - Endothermic [2]  100 %
Forages - Ground [2]  100 %
Gestation [1]  65 days
Litter Size [1]  4
Maximum Longevity [1]  30 years
Speed [3]  30.00 MPH (13.41 m/s)
Weaning [1]  56 days

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom

Prey / Diet

Anolis evermanni (Emerald anole, Evermann's Anole, Small Green Anole)[4]
Anolis gundlachi (Yellow-bearded Anole)[4]
Coereba flaveola (Bananaquit)[4]
Geotrygon montana (Ruddy Quail-Dove)[4]
Rattus rattus (black rat)[4]


Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle)[4]
Buteo jamaicensis (Red-tailed Hawk)[4]
Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture)[4]
Echidnophaga myrmecobii (Red flea)[5]
Galeocerdo cuvier (Tiger-shark)[4]
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle)[4]
Nosopsyllus londiniensis[4]


Parasitized by 
Abbreviata hastaspicula <Unverified Name>[6]
Acanthotrema felis[6]
Aelurostrongylus abstrusus[6]
Amalaraeus penicilliger pedias[7]
Amphimerus costarricensis <Unverified Name>[6]
Ancylostoma brasiliense[6]
Ancylostoma caninum[6]
Ancylostoma ceylanicum <Unverified Name>[6]
Ancylostoma tubaeforme[6]
Besnoitia wallacei <Unverified Name>[5]
Capillaria aerophila[6]
Cediopsylla simplex[7]
Ceratophyllus anisus <Unverified Name>[7]
Ceratophyllus vison[7]
Corynosoma strumosum[6]
Cryptosporidium felis[5]
Cryptosporidium muris[5]
Ctenocephalides canis (Dog flea)[7]
Ctenocephalides felis (Cat flea)[4]
Ctenocephalides felis felis[7]
Ctenocephalides orientis[7]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes bosnicus[7]
Ctenophthalmus uncinatus uncinatus[7]
Cyathospirura dasyuridis <Unverified Name>[6]
Cylicospirura heydoni <Unverified Name>[6]
Cystoisospora felis <Unverified Name>[5]
Cystoisospora rivolta <Unverified Name>[5]
Dibothriocephalus latus[6]
Diphyllobothrium obdorense <Unverified Name>[6]
Diplopylidium acanthotetra[6]
Diplopylidium aurangabadensis <Unverified Name>[6]
Diplopylidium udgirensis <Unverified Name>[6]
Dirofilaria genettae <Unverified Name>[6]
Dirofilaria immitis (Heartworm)[6]
Dirofilaria repens <Unverified Name>[6]
Echidnophaga gallinacea (sticktight flea)[7]
Echidnophaga myrmecobii[7]
Echidnophaga perilis (Rabbit stickfast flea)[7]
Echinochasmus japonicus <Unverified Name>[6]
Echinochasmus perfoliatus <Unverified Name>[6]
Echinococcus multilocularis[6]
Euchoplopsyllus glacialis affinis[7]
Felicola subrostratus[5]
Giardia duodenalis <Unverified Name>[5]
Gnathostoma binucleatum <Unverified Name>[6]
Gnathostoma spinigerum <Unverified Name>[6]
Hammondia hammondi <Unverified Name>[5]
Haplorchis pumilio[6]
Haplorchis taichui[6]
Haplorchis yokogawai[6]
Heterophyes heterophyes[6]
Joyeuxiella pasqualei[6]
Leptopsylla segnis (European mouse flea)[7]
Macropsylla hercules[5]
Mesocestoides lineatus <Unverified Name>[6]
Mesocestoides zacharovae <Unverified Name>[6]
Metagonimus yokogawai[6]
Metorchis albidus[6]
Metorchis bilis[6]
Microsporum canis[4]
Molineus cati <Unverified Name>[6]
Nanophyetus salmincola <Unverified Name>[6]
Nosopsyllus fasciatus (northern rat flea)[7]
Nosopsyllus londiniensis londiniensis[7]
Oligacanthorhynchus atratus[6]
Ollulanus tricuspis[5]
Oncicola pomatostomi[6]
Opisthorchis felineus[6]
Orchopeas howardi howardi[7]
Paraceras melis melis[7]
Paragonimus heterotremus <Unverified Name>[6]
Paragonimus westermani <Unverified Name>[6]
Paragonimus xiangshanensis <Unverified Name>[6]
Parengyodontium album[4]
Peromyscopsylla bidentata bidentata[7]
Pharyngostomum cordatum <Unverified Name>[6]
Physaloptera praeputialis <Unverified Name>[6]
Polygenis atopus[7]
Polygenis bohlsi jordani[7]
Progynopylidium noelleri <Unverified Name>[6]
Prohemistomum vivax <Unverified Name>[6]
Pseudamphistomum truncatum[6]
Pulex irritans (human flea)[7]
Rictularia cahirensis[6]
Sarcocystis cuniculi <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis fusiformis <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis gigantea <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis hirsuta <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis medusiformis <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis muris <Unverified Name>[5]
Sarcocystis porcifelis <Unverified Name>[5]
Schistosoma japonicum <Unverified Name>[6]
Spilopsyllus cuniculi (European rabbit flea)[7]
Spirometra erinacei <Unverified Name>[6]
Spirometra erinaceieuropaei[5]
Spirometra mansoni <Unverified Name>[6]
Stellantchasmus falcatus[6]
Stephanocircus dasyuri[5]
Stivalius aporus aporus[7]
Taenia hydatigena <Unverified Name>[6]
Taenia ovis <Unverified Name>[5]
Taenia pisiformis[6]
Taenia taeniaeformis <Unverified Name>[6]
Tarsopsylla octodecimdentata octodecimdentata[7]
Toxascaris leonina[6]
Toxocara cati (feline roundworm)[6]
Toxocara mystax <Unverified Name>[6]
Toxoplasma gondii <Unverified Name>[5]
Trichinella nelsoni <Unverified Name>[6]
Trichinella spiralis (pork worm)[6]
Tritrichomonas foetus <Unverified Name>[5]
Tunga penetrans (Chigoe)[7]
Uropsylla tasmanica[5]
Xenopsylla cheopis (oriental rat flea)[7]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Binder Park Zoo
Boras Djurpark Zoo
Cheyenne Mtn Zoological Park
Chicago Zoological Park
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Columbian Park Zoo
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Cosley Zoo
Dickerson Park Zoo
Freeport-McMoran Audubon SpecSurvl Ctr
Giza Zoological Gardenpersian
Gladys Porter Zoo
Houston Zoo, Inc.
Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden
Lake Superior Zoological Gardens
Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
Oatland Island Wildlife Center
Odense Zoologiske Have
Ouwehand Zoo
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Racine Zoological Gardens
Riverside Zoo
Riverview Park & Zoo
Rodbaston College
Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure
Sedgwick County Zooamerican_shorthair
Sequoia Park Zoo
Shepreth Wildlife Park
Silver Springs Park
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Sunset Zoo
Toledo Zoological Gardens
Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School
Virginia Zoological Park
Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre
Woburn Safari Park
Zoo New England, Franklin Park Zoo
Zoologischer Garten Magdeburg




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