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Angiopteris evecta (Madagascar tree fern; oriental vessel fern; mule's foot)

Synonyms: Angiopteris acrocarpa; Angiopteris affinis; Angiopteris alata; Angiopteris albidopunctulata; Angiopteris amboinensis; Angiopteris ankolana; Angiopteris aphanosorus; Angiopteris arborescens; Angiopteris assamica; Angiopteris aurata; Angiopteris badioneura; Angiopteris beecheyana; Angiopteris brongniartiana; Angiopteris canaliculata; Angiopteris caudata; Angiopteris chauliodonta; Angiopteris commutata; Angiopteris cumingii; Angiopteris cupreata; Angiopteris dregeana; Angiopteris elongata; Angiopteris erecta; Angiopteris evanidostriata; Angiopteris evecta var. rurutensis; Angiopteris evecta var. vaupelii; Angiopteris hellwigii; Angiopteris inconstans; Angiopteris indica; Angiopteris intricata; Angiopteris lasegueana; Angiopteris lauterbachii; Angiopteris leytensis; Angiopteris longifolia; Angiopteris lorentzii; Angiopteris medogensis; Angiopteris mekongensis; Angiopteris miqueliana; Angiopteris naumannii; Angiopteris norrisii; Angiopteris novocaledonica; Angiopteris palauensis; Angiopteris polytheca; Angiopteris prostiana; Angiopteris similis; Angiopteris uncinata; Callipteris heterophylla; Danaea evecta; Lomaria pedunculata; Myriotheca arborescens; Polypodium evectum

Wikipedia Abstract

Angiopteris evecta, commonly known as the Giant Fern, is a rare plant occurring in eastern and northern Australia. Also found growing in nearby islands such as New Guinea and various places in Polynesia and Melanesia. Listed as endangered in New South Wales, where it has been recorded growing in sub tropical rainforest, in the valley of the Tweed River. It is an invasive species in Hawaii and Jamaica. The huge mature fronds measure up to 8 metres (25 ft) long. They originate from a large thick rootstock, up to 150 cm (60 in) high.
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Invasive Species

Angiopteris evecta is a fern native to Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Australia, and New Guinea that has established invasive populations in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. It is known to establish dense stands that displace and shade out native plants and reduce biodiversity in ecosystems.
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Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Structure [1]  Fern


Spilosoma vandepolli[3]





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