Plantae > Tracheophyta > Liliopsida > Poales > Poaceae > Hymenachne > Hymenachne amplexicaulis

Hymenachne amplexicaulis (West Indian marsh grass)

Synonyms: Agrostis monostachya; Hymenachne acutigluma; Hymenachne calamitosa; Hymenachne gouinii; Hymenachne monostachya; Hymenachne pseudointerrupta; Panicum acuminatum; Panicum acutiglume; Panicum amplexicaule; Panicum amplexicaule var. deflexum; Panicum amplexicaule var. erectum; Panicum auritum; Panicum caudatum; Panicum grisebachianum; Panicum hasskarlii; Panicum hymenachne; Panicum myurum; Panicum perdensum; Sporobolus villosus


Lifespan [1]  Perennial
Structure [2]  Grass

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Defensores del Chaco National Park II 1792493 Paraguay  
Kakadu National Park II 4744348 Northern Territory, Australia
Mburucuyá National Park II   Corrientes, Argentina  
Palo Verde National Park II 46190 Costa Rica  
Reserva de Biosfera del Chaco   Paraguay      
Río Pilcomayo National Park II 123699 Formosa, Argentina



Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (Capybara)[3]
Porphyrio martinica (Purple Gallinule)[4]
Trichechus inunguis (Amazonian Manatee)[5]


Caribbean; North America;



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