Plantae > Tracheophyta > Magnoliopsida > Caryophyllales > Polygonaceae > Muehlenbeckia > Muehlenbeckia platyclados

Muehlenbeckia platyclados (ribbonbush)

Synonyms: Calacinum platycladum; Coccoloba platyclada; Homalocladium platycladum; Polygonum platycladum; Sarcogonum platycladum

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Homalocladium platycladum (centipede plant, tapeworm plant, or ribbonbush) is a plant in the knotweed family from New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. It is the sole species in the genus Homalocladium.This plant had been naturalized also in other tropical regions, as Puerto Rico, India, Bolivia, Madagascar, Nicaragua and PakistanIt is also known by the name Muehlenbeckia platyclada
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Structure [2]  Shrub


Acutaspis aliena (Alien Scale)[3]
Ceroplastes sinensis (hard wax scale)[3]
Coccus viridis (green coffee scale)[3]
Hemiberlesia lataniae (latania scale)[3]
Pulvinaria ficus[3]
Pulvinaria psidii (green shield scale)[3]
Saissetia coffeae (brown scale)[3]





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