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Kalanchoe pinnata (cathedral bells)

Synonyms: Bryophyllum calcicola; Bryophyllum calycinum; Bryophyllum germinans; Bryophyllum pinnatum; Cotyledon calycina; Cotyledon calyculata; Cotyledon pinnata; Cotyledon rhizophylla; Crassula calicina; Crassula pinnata; Crassuvia floripendia; Crassuvia floripendula; Kalanchoe brevicalyx; Kalanchoe calcicola; Kalanchoe floripendula; Kalanchoe pinnata var. brevicalyx; Kalanchoe pinnata var. calcicola; Sedum madagascaricum; Vereia pinnata

Wikipedia Abstract

Bryophyllum pinnatum, also known as the air plant, cathedral bells, life plant, miracle leaf, and Goethe plant is a succulent plant native to Madagascar, which is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas. It is distinctive for the profusion of miniature plantlets that form on the margins of its phylloclades, a trait it has in common with some other members of its genus.
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Invasive Species

Kalanchoe pinnata is a succulent plant which has been introduced to many temperate and tropical regions of the world as an ornamental. In several of these regions, the species is widely naturalised and regarded as invasive. It forms dense stands in dry and disturbed areas. In French Polynesia, Kalanchoe pinnata has been declared a threat to biodiversity.
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Leaf Type [1]  Evergreen
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Structure [1]  Herb

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Big Cypress National Preserve V 732120 Florida, United States
Canaveral National Seashore II 9090 Florida, United States
Everglades and Dry Tortugas Biosphere Reserve   Florida, United States  
Pico Mogote Ecological Reserve II 3698 Cuba  


Coccus viridis (green coffee scale)[3]
Hemiberlesia lataniae (latania scale)[3]
Kilifia acuminata (acuminate scale)[3]
Lindingaspis rossi (araucaria black scale)[3]
Pinnaspis aspidistrae <Unverified Name>[3]
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (mulberry scale)[3]
Pulvinaria grabhami (cottony camellia scale)[3]
Vryburgia rimariae[3]


Caribbean; North America; Oceania;



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