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Dovyalis caffra (kei apple)

Synonyms: Aberia caffra; Aberia edulis

Wikipedia Abstract

Dovyalis caffra (Warb.), Aberia caffra (Harv. & Sond) the Umkokola, Kei apple, Kai apple, or Kau apple, is a small to medium-sized tree, native to southern Africa. Its distribution extends from the Kei River in the south, from which the common name derives, northwards along the eastern side of the continent to Tanzania. The ripe fruits are tasty, reminiscent of a small apple.It is a usually found in dry types of woodland when it grows to 6 m tall.
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Specific Gravity [1]  0.676
Structure [2]  Shrub

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Kruger National Park II 4718115 Mpumalanga, South Africa


Abgrallaspis cyanophylli (cyanophyllum scale)[3]
Abgrallaspis flavida[3]
Anastrepha suspensa (Caribbean fruit fly)[4]
Aspidiotus simmondsi <Unverified Name>[3]
Cerococcus ornatus[3]
Coccus longulus (long brown scale)[5]
Ctenopseustis obliquana[6]
Delottococcus aberiae[3]
Hemiberlesia lataniae (latania scale)[3]
Leipoxais compsotes[7]
Lepidosaphes tapleyi (guava long scale)[3]
Melanaspis williamsi[3]
Neopinnaspis harperi (Harper scale)[3]
Neoselenaspidus silvaticus[3]
Parasaissetia nigra (nigra scale)[5]
Paraselenaspidus madagascariensis[3]
Phalanta phalantha (Common leopard butterfly)[7]
Pseudococcus kikuyuensis[3]
Selenaspidus articulatus (rufous scale)[5]




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