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Pteroglossus beauharnaesii (Curl-crested Aracari)

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The curl-crested aracari (US /ˌɑːrəˈsɑːri/ AHR-ə-SAHR-ee, UK /ˌɑrəˈsɑːri/ ARR-ə-SAHR-ee or /ˌɑrəˈkɑːri/ ARR-ə-KAHR-ee), or curl-crested araçari (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii), also known as the curly-crested aracari, is a species of bird in the Ramphastidae family, the Toucans.
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EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Similiar & Secure (0) 
 Unique & Vulnerable (100)
ED Score: 4.56919
EDGE Score: 1.71725


Adult Weight [1]  203 grams
Diet [2]  Carnivore (Vertebrates), Frugivore
Diet - Endothermic [2]  20 %
Diet - Fruit [2]  80 %
Forages - Canopy [2]  60 %
Forages - Mid-High [2]  20 %
Forages - Understory [2]  20 %


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Iquitos varzea Brazil, Peru, Bolivia Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Juruá-Purus moist forests Brazil Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Madeira-Tapajós moist forests Brazil, Bolivia Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Monte Alegre varzea Brazil Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Purus varzea Brazil Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Purus-Madeira moist forests Brazil Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Southwest Amazon moist forests Peru, Brazil, Bolivia Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Ucayali moist forests Peru Neotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Cordillera Azul National Park 3367365 Huanuco, Peru  
Estacion Biologica Beni Biosphere Reserve VI 335178 Bolivia  
Madidi National Park II 3194501 Bolivia  
Manú National Park II 4213523 Cusco, Peru  
Reserva Cuzco Amazonico   Peru      
Sierra del Divisor Reserve Zone 3652986 Peru      

Important Bird Areas

BirdLife Species Factsheet: View Factsheet
Name Location  IBA Criteria   Website   Climate   Land Use 
Alto Juruá Brazil A1, A2, A3
Alto Purus Peru A1, A2, A3
Bahuaja-Sonene Peru A1, A2, A3
Cordillera Vilcabamba Peru A1, A2, A3
Cristalino / Serra do Cachimbo Brazil A1, A3
Federico Román Bolivia A1, A3
Manu Peru A1, A2, A3
Moyobamba Peru A1, A2
Parque Nacional Cordillera Azul Peru A1, A2
Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor Brazil A1, A2, A3
Reserva Amazónica Peru A1, A2, A3
Reserva Comunal El Sira Peru A1, A2, A3
Reserva Nacional Amazónica Manuripi Heath Bolivia A1, A2, A3
Tabocais Brazil A1, A2, A3
Tahuamanu Bolivia A1, A2, A3
Tambopata Peru A1, A2, A3

Prey / Diet

Ficus pertusa[1]
Virola calophylla (virola)[3]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aburria pipile (Trinidad piping guan)2
Artibeus jamaicensis (Jamaican fruit-eating bat)1
Artibeus lituratus (great fruit-eating bat)1
Ateles paniscus (black spider monkey)2
Attila spadiceus (Bright-rumped Attila)1
Aulacorhynchus prasinus (Emerald Toucanet)1
Brotogeris chiriri (Yellow-chevroned Parakeet)1
Brotogeris cyanoptera (Cobalt-winged Parakeet)1
Callicebus moloch (red-bellied titi monkey)1
Cebus albifrons (white-fronted capuchin)1
Chlorophanes spiza (Green Honeycreeper)1
Chlorophonia cyanea (Blue-naped Chlorophonia)1
Cyanerpes cyaneus (Red-legged Honeycreeper)1
Dacnis lineata (Black-faced Dacnis)1
Dryocopus lineatus (Lineated Woodpecker)1
Elaenia flavogaster (Yellow-bellied Elaenia)1
Euphonia chrysopasta (White-lored Euphonia)1
Euphonia laniirostris (Thick-billed Euphonia)1
Euphonia minuta (White-vented Euphonia)1
Euphonia rufiventris (Rufous-bellied Euphonia)1
Euphonia xanthogaster (Orange-bellied Euphonia)1
Iodopleura isabellae (White-browed Purpletuft)1
Lagothrix lagothricha (Humboldt's woolly monkey)1
Lanio versicolor (White-winged Shrike-Tanager)1
Lepidothrix coronata (Blue-crowned Manakin)1
Lipaugus vociferans (Screaming Piha)1
Mionectes oleagineus (Ochre-bellied Flycatcher)1
Momotus momota (Blue-crowned Motmot)1
Myiarchus tuberculifer (Dusky-capped Flycatcher)1
Myiodynastes luteiventris (Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher)1
Myiopagis gaimardii (Forest Elaenia)1
Myiozetetes similis (Social Flycatcher)1
Patagioenas plumbea (Plumbeous Pigeon)1
Penelope jacquacu (Spix's Guan)1
Pipra chloromeros (Round-tailed Manakin)1
Pipra fasciicauda (Band-tailed Manakin)1
Psarocolius decumanus (Crested Oropendola)1
Psophia leucoptera (Pale-winged Trumpeter)1
Pteroglossus azara (Ivory-billed Aracari)1
Pyrrhura picta (Painted Parakeet)1
Pyrrhura rupicola (Black-capped Parakeet)1
Querula purpurata (Purple-throated Fruitcrow)1
Ramphastos tucanus cuvieri (Cuvier's Toucan)1
Saguinus imperator (emperor tamarin)1
Saimiri sciureus (South American squirrel monkey)1
Saltator maximus (Buff-throated Saltator)1
Sapajus apella (brown capuchin)1
Selenidera reinwardtii (Golden-collared Toucanet)1
Tachyphonus rufiventer (Yellow-crested Tanager)1
Tangara callophrys (Opal-crowned Tanager)1
Tangara chilensis (Paradise Tanager)1
Tangara mexicana (Turquoise Tanager)1
Tangara nigrocincta (Masked Tanager)1
Tangara schrankii (Green-and-gold Tanager)1
Thraupis episcopus (Blue-grey Tanager)1
Tityra semifasciata (Masked Tityra)1
Trogon collaris (Collared Trogon)1
Trogon melanurus (Black-tailed Trogon)2
Turdus albicollis (White-necked Thrush)1
Turdus hauxwelli (Hauxwell's Thrush)1
Turdus ignobilis (Black-billed Thrush)1
Tyranneutes stolzmanni (Dwarf Tyranneutes)1
Tyrannus savana (Fork-tailed Flycatcher)1
Vireo olivaceus (Red-eyed Vireo)1

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Dallas World Aquarium
Parc Paradisio S.A.
Parque Zoologico Huachipa
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Stichting Nederlands Opvang Papegaaien
The Philadelphia Zoo
Wildlife World Zoo

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