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Octopus mimus

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The Gould octopus, Octopus mimus (Gould, 1852), is commonly found between northern Peru and northern Chile. The species is relatively large with a round sacciform mantle without fins. The tentacles are moderately large, approximately 4 times longer than the mantle. The 3rd tentacle on the right holds the short, thin copulatory organ in males. The color ranges, with individuals commonly speckled a mix of gray, yellow, black, green. It is primarily bentonic, living in rocky substrates and kelp forests until depths of 200 m. The species is dicecious, breeding throughout the year with one or two peaks depending on the latitud. After mating the female cares for the eggs letting her body deteriorate until death. This animal grows up to 115 cm in length and 3.7 kg in females and 107 cm in length
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Prey / Diet

Aulacomya atra (ribbed mussel)[1]
Austromegabalanus psittacus[1]
Concholepas concholepas (Chilean abalone)[1]
Gari solida[1]
Grapsus grapsus (Sally Lightfoot crab)[1]
Leiosolenus peruvianus[1]
Leptograpsus variegatus (Purple rock crab)[1]
Leukoma thaca[1]
Perumytilus purpuratus[1]
Pseudograpsus setosus[1]
Scartichthys gigas (Giant blenny)[1]
Scartichthys variolatus (Blenny)[1]
Scartichthys viridis (Blenny)[1]
Semele solida[1]
Semimytilus algosus (bisexual mussel)[1]
Tetrapygus niger[1]


Paralabrax humeralis (Sea bass)[2]



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