Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Trematoda > Plagiorchiida > Lecithasteridae > Lecithaster > Lecithaster confusus

Lecithaster confusus


Parasite of 
Alosa aestivalis (Blue-back herring)[1]
Alosa agone (Mediterranean shad)[2]
Alosa chrysochloris (Skipjack shad)[2]
Alosa pseudoharengus (kyack)[1]
Alosa sapidissima (American shad)[1]
Atherina boyeri (Big-scale sand smelt)[1]
Belone belone (Garfish)[1]
Boonea bisuturalis (two-groove odostome)[1]
Brachystomia scalaris[1]
Centropristis striata (Sea bass)[2]
Clupea harengus (Yawling)[1]
Clupea pallasii (Pacific herring)[2]
Clupea pallasii pallasii (Pacific herring)[1]
Clupeonella cultriventris (Azovtyulka)[1]
Coilia grayii (Pointed-tailed anchovy)[1]
Coregonus autumnalis (Arctic cisco)[1]
Dicentrarchus labrax (White salmon)[1]
Gasterosteus aculeatus (Alaskan stickleback)[1]
Gobiusculus flavescens (Two-spotted goby)[1]
Liza ramada (Thin-lipped grey mullet)[1]
Mallotus villosus (Capelin)[1]
Micropogonias undulatus (Atlantic croacker)[1]
Myctophum punctatum (spotted laternfish)[1]
Pomatoschistus pictus (Painted goby)[1]
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides (Turbot)[1]
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)[1]
Sciaenops ocellatus (Spotted bass)[1]
Scolopsis monogramma (Lattice monocle bream)[2]
Scomber scombrus (Split)[1]
Sprattus sprattus (Whitebait)[1]
Tatia meesi[2]
Trisopterus capelanus (Poor cod)[1]



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