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Sepia australis (southern cuttlefish; African cuttlefish)

Synonyms: Sepia capensis; Sepia sinope

Prey / Diet

Austroglossus microlepis (West coast sole)[1]
Sepia australis (southern cuttlefish)[1]


Arctocephalus pusillus (Brown Fur Seal)[2]
Chelidonichthys capensis (Gurnard)[1]
Chelidonichthys queketti (Lesser gurnard)[2]
Holohalaelurus regani (Mottled dog-fish)[1]
Leucoraja wallacei (Yellowspotted skate)[1]
Lophius vomerinus (Cape monk)[1]
Malacocephalus laevis (Softhead grenadier)[2]
Merluccius capensis (Cape hake)[1]
Raja clavata (Roker)[1]
Scyliorhinus capensis (Yellowspotted catshark)[1]
Sepia australis (southern cuttlefish)[1]
Trichiurus lepturus (Atlantic Cutlassfish)[2]



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