Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Cestoda > Diphyllobothriidea > Diphyllobothriidae > Diphyllobothrium > Diphyllobothrium cordatum

Diphyllobothrium cordatum


Parasite of 
Erignathus barbatus (Bearded Seal)[1]
Halichoerus grypus (Gray Seal)[1]
Histriophoca fasciata (Ribbon Seal)[1]
Homo sapiens (man)[1]
Odobenus rosmarus (Walrus)[1]
Pagophilus groenlandicus (Harp Seal)[1]
Phoca vitulina (Harbor Seal)[1]
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)[1]



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1Gibson, D. I., Bray, R. A., & Harris, E. A. (Compilers) (2005). Host-Parasite Database of the Natural History Museum, London
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