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Ailurus fulgens (Red Panda)

Wikipedia Abstract

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called the lesser panda, the red bear-cat, and the red cat-bear, is a mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs, and is slightly larger than a domestic cat. It is arboreal, feeds mainly on bamboo, but also eats eggs, birds, and insects. It is a solitary animal, mainly active from dusk to dawn, and is largely sedentary during the day.
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Endangered Species

Status: Endangered
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EDGE Analysis

The scientific name of this rare and beautiful species literally means ‘fire-coloured cat’. Its striking red fur is thought to help it blend in with the reddish-brown moss that grows on the branches of the trees in which it lives. Like its relative, the giant panda, with which it shares much of its habitat, the red panda has evolved to feed almost exclusively on bamboo. Individuals must spend a great deal of time eating just to maintain their bodyweight – female red pandas have been known to eat up to 200,000 bamboo leaves in a single day! Sadly, red pandas are declining throughout their range as a result of deforestation, increased agriculture, hunting and pressure from growing human populations.
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ED Score: 39.2
EDGE Score: 5.08
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Adult Weight [2]  9.54 lbs (4.33 kg)
Birth Weight [2]  100 grams
Female Maturity [2]  1 year 6 months
Male Maturity [2]  1 year 6 months
Diet [3]  Carnivore (Invertebrates), Carnivore (Vertebrates), Frugivore, Granivore, Herbivore
Diet - Endothermic [3]  10 %
Diet - Fruit [3]  10 %
Diet - Invertibrates [3]  10 %
Diet - Plants [3]  60 %
Diet - Seeds [3]  10 %
Forages - Ground [3]  100 %
Arboreal [1]  Yes
Gestation [2]  3 months 26 days
Litter Size [2]  2
Litters / Year [2]  1
Maximum Longevity [2]  19 years
Nocturnal [1]  Yes
Weaning [2]  4 months 17 days


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Central China loess plateau mixed forests China Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Daba Mountains evergreen forests China Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests India, Nepal Indo-Malayan Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Eastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests Bhutan, India, Nepal Indo-Malayan Temperate Coniferous Forests
Hengduan Mountains subalpine conifer forests China Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Himalayan subtropical pine forests India, Bhutan, Nepal Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Coniferous Forests
Northeastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests China, India, Bhutan Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Northern Indochina subtropical forests China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Northern Triangle subtropical forests Myanmar Indo-Malayan Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests
Northern Triangle temperate forests Myanmar Indo-Malayan Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Nujiang Langcang Gorge alpine conifer and mixed forests China Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Ordos Plateau steppe China Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Qilian Mountains conifer forests China Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Qin Ling Mountains deciduous forests China Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Qionglai-Minshan conifer forests China Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Sichuan Basin evergreen broadleaf forests China Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Southeast Tibet shrub and meadows China Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Tibetan Plateau alpine shrub and meadows China Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows India, Nepal Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Western Himalayan broadleaf forests India, Pakistan, Nepal Indo-Malayan Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests India, Pakistan, Nepal Indo-Malayan Temperate Coniferous Forests
Yarlung Tsangpo arid steppe China Palearctic Montane Grasslands and Shrublands
Yunnan Plateau subtropical evergreen forests China Palearctic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve V 462837 Yunnan, China  
Bitahai Nature Reserve V 49655 Yunnan, China  
Changshanerhai Nature Reserve V 139448 Yunnan, China  
Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve V 1245925 Yunnan, China  
Medog Nature Reserve   China      
Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) National Park II 275416 Nepal
Mount Sorak Biosphere Reserve   Korea, Republic of  
Namdapha National Park II   Arunachal Pradesh, India
Nujiang Nature Reserve   China      
Wolong Nature Reserve V 826140 Sichuan, China  
Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve V 567531 Yunnan, China  

Biodiversity Hotspots

Name Location Endemic Species Website
Himalaya Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan No
Indo-Burma Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam No
Mountains of Southwest China China, Myanmar No

Emblem of


Prey / Diet

Sarocalamus spanostachyus[4]


Parasitized by 
Dirofilaria ailure <Unverified Name>[5]
Dirofilaria immitis (Heartworm)[5]
Paragonimus westermani <Unverified Name>[5]
Pulex irritans (human flea)[6]
Spirocerca lupi[5]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Aalborg Zoofulgens
Adelaide Zoofulgens
Africam Safari (Africam, S. A.)refulgens
Akron Zoological Parkfulgens
Albuquerque Biological Parkfulgens
Aqua Zoo Frieslandfulgens
Artis Zoofulgens
Assiniboine Park Zoorefulgens
Auckland Zoological Parkfulgens
Australia Zoofulgens
Banham Zoo Ltd.fulgens
Binder Park Zoofulgens
Birmingham Zoofulgens
Blackpool Zoofulgens
Blank Park Zoo of Des Moinesfulgens
Bristol Zoo Gardensfulgens
Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservat'n Societyfulgens
Budapest Zool.& Botanical Gardenfulgens
Calgary Zoo, Garden & Prehistoric Parkrefulgens
Cape May County Park Zoofulgens
Central Park Zoo
Charles Paddock Zoo
Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Parkfulgens
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardenrefulgens
City of Belfast Zoofulgens
Cleveland Metroparks Zoofulgens
Colchester Zoofulgens
Cologne Zoofulgens
Columbus Zoo and Aquariumrefulgens
Copenhagen Zoofulgens
Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardensfulgens
Curraghs Wildlife Park
Denver Zoological Gardens
Detroit Zoological Societyfulgens
Dierenpark Wisselfulgens
Dierenrijk Europafulgens
DSI Givskud Zoo
Dudley Zoological Gardensfulgens
Dusit (Bangkok) Zoological Parkfulgens
Erie Zoological Gardensfulgens
Espace Zoolog de St-Martin-la-Plainefulgens
Espace Zoologique la Boissiere du Dorefulgens
Fort Wayne Children's Zoofulgens
Fota Wildlife Park
Galloway Wildlife Conservation Parkfulgens
Granby Zoo / Zoo de Granbyrefulgens
Great Plains Zoofulgens
Greenville Zoofulgens
Hamilton Zoofulgens
Helsinki Zoofulgens
Henry Vilas Zoorefulgens
Highland Wildlife Parkfulgens
Himalayan Zoological Park (Sikkim Zoo)
Houston Zoo, Inc.refulgens
Indianapolis Zoofulgens
Jackson Zoological Park
Jardim Zoologico / Lisbon Zoofulgens
Jardin Zoologico de Cdad.Buenos Aires
Johannesburg Zoological Gardensfulgens
Kansas City Zoo
Knoxville Zoological Gardensfulgens
Kristiansand Dyrepark ASA
Le Pal, Parc Animalierfulgens
Lee Richardson Zoofulgens
Lincoln Childrens Zoo (former Folsom)fulgens
Lincoln Park Zoological Gardensrefulgens
Marwell Wildlifefulgens
Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunnfulgens
Melbourne Zoofulgens
Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium
Menagerie du Jardin des Plantesfulgens
Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsawfulgens
Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny, Plockfulgens
Mill Mountain Zoo
Miller Park Zoofulgens
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardensrefulgens
Minnesota Zoological Gardenfulgens
Mogo Zoo P/Lfulgens
Moscow Zoological Parkfulgens
Nashville Zoo at Grassmererefulgens
Nat'l Zoological Gardens of S. Africafulgens
National Zoo & Aquariumfulgens
NEW Zoorefulgens
Newquay Zoo (Cornwall Animal World)fulgens
Nogeyama Zoological Gardens Yokohamarefulgens
Nordens Arkfulgens
North of England Zoological Societyfulgens
Ocean Park Corporation
Odense Zoologiske Havefulgens
Oglebay's Good Children's Zoofulgens
Ogrod Zoologiczny w Opolu, Opole
Oklahoma City Zoological Parkfulgens
Opel-Zoo von Opel HessischeZoostiftungfulgens
Osaka Municipal Tennoji Zool. Gdns.refulgens
Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zool. Parkfulgens
Paignton Zoo Environmental Parkfulgens
Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary
Paradise Wildlife Parkfulgens
Parc Paradisio S.A.
Parc Zoologic de Barcelonafulgens
Parc Zoologique d'Amiens
Parc Zoologique d'Amnevillefulgens
Parc Zoologique de La Palmyre
Parc Zoologique de Lille
Parc Zoologique de Tregomeurfulgens
Parco Faunistico La Torbierafulgens
Parco Natura Vivafulgens
Parken Zoo i Eskilstuna ABfulgens
Perth Zoological Gardensfulgens
Potawatomi Zoofulgens
Potter Park Zoological Gardensfulgens
Prospect Park Zoorefulgens
Pueblo Zoo
Red River Zoorefulgens
Roger Williams Park Zoorefulgens
Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Parkfulgens
Rotterdam Zoofulgens
Sacramento Zoofulgens
Safari de Peaugresfulgens
Safaripark Beekse Bergenfulgens
Saint Louis Zoological Park
Saitama Children's Zoorefulgens
Salzburg Zoo Hellbrunn
San Diego Zoofulgens
Santa Barbara Zoological Gardensfulgens
Schoenbrunner Tiergarten GmbH
Scovill Zoofulgens
Sedgwick County Zoofulgens
Seoul Zoo
Sequoia Park Zoo
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Sunset Zoofulgens
Symbio Wildlife Gardensfulgens
Szeged Zoofulgens
Taipei Zoo
Tama Zoological Parkrefulgens
Taronga Zoofulgens
Tautphaus Park Zoofulgens
The Philadelphia Zoofulgens
The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens
Thoiry Zoological Parkfulgens
Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardensfulgens
Tiergarten Heidelberg
Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbHfulgens
Tierpark Hagenbeck GmbHfulgens
Toronto Zoofulgens
Trevor Zoo at Millbrook Schoolfulgens
Turtle Back Zoofulgens
Tygerberg Zooparkfulgens
Ueno Zoological Gardens
Usti nad Labem Zoofulgens
Utica Zoofulgens
Valley Zoo & John Janzen Nature Centerrefulgens
Virginia Zoological Parkfulgens
Wellington Zoo Trustfulgens
Welsh Mountain Zoofulgens
Whipsnade Wild Animal Park
Wild Animal Park Mechelen Planckendaelfulgens
Woodland Park Zoological Gardensrefulgens
Wroclaw Zoo, LLCfulgens
Yokohama Zool. Gardens
Zagreb Zoo / Zooloski vrt Zagrebfulgens
Zoo Aquarium de Madrid (GRPR)fulgens
Zoo Atlantafulgens
Zoo Boisefulgens
Zoo d'Assonfulgens
Zoo de Doue-la-Fontainefulgens
Zoo de La Fleche
Zoo des Sables d'Olonnefulgens
Zoo Dortmundfulgens
Zoo Dresden GmbHfulgens
Zoo Duisburg AGfulgens
Zoo Hannover GmbHfulgens
Zoo Krefeld GmbHfulgens
Zoo Melaka
Zoo New England, Franklin Park Zoofulgens
Zoo of Antwerpfulgens
Zoo Parc de Beauvalfulgens
Zoo Parc Overloon
Zoo Zürichfulgens
Zoobotanico de Jerezfulgens
Zoological Garden Praguefulgens
Zoological Society of Ireland-Dublinfulgens
Zoologicka zahrada Ostrava
Zoologicka zahrada Liberecfulgens
Zoologická a botanická zahrada Plzenfulgens
Zoologischer Garten Leipzigfulgens
Zoologischer Garten Schmidingfulgens

Range Map

Southern Asia;



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