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Talpa europaea (European Mole)

Wikipedia Abstract

The European mole (Talpa europaea) is a mammal of the order Eulipotyphla. It is also known as the common mole and the northern mole. This mole lives in an underground tunnel system, which it constantly extends. It uses these tunnels to hunt its prey. Under normal conditions the displaced earth is pushed to the surface, resulting in the characteristic molehills. It feeds mainly on earthworms, but also on insects, centipedes and even mice and shrews. Its saliva contains toxins which paralyze earthworms in particular.
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EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Similiar & Secure (0) 
 Unique & Vulnerable (100)
ED Score: 15.28
EDGE Score: 2.79


Adult Weight [1]  93 grams
Birth Weight [1]  3 grams
Female Maturity [1]  6 months 2 days
Male Maturity [1]  6 months 2 days
Diet [2]  Carnivore (Invertebrates)
Diet - Invertibrates [2]  100 %
Forages - Ground [2]  100 %
Gestation [1]  28 days
Litter Size [1]  3
Litters / Year [1]  1
Nocturnal [3]  Yes
Weaning [1]  31 days


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Alps conifer and mixed forests Italy, France, Switzerland, Slovenia Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Appenine deciduous montane forests Italy Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Atlantic mixed forests France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Balkan mixed forests Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Baltic mixed forests Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Caledon conifer forests United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Cantabrian mixed forests Spain, Portugal Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Carpathian montane forests Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Coniferous Forests
Caspian lowland desert Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran Palearctic Deserts and Xeric Shrublands  
Celtic broadleaf forests Ireland, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests  
Central European mixed forests Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Moldovia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Crimean Submediterranean forest complex Russia, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Dinaric Mountains mixed forests Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Yugoslavia Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
East European forest steppe Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
English Lowlands beech forests United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests    
Iberian sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forests Spain, Portugal Palearctic Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Illyrian deciduous forests Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece Palearctic Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Italian sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forests Italy, France Palearctic Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Kazakh forest steppe Russia, Kazakhstan Palearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Kazakh semi-desert Kazakhstan Palearctic Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
Kazakh steppe Russia, Kazakhstan Palearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Kazakh upland Kazahkstan Palearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
North Atlantic moist mixed forests Ireland, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Northeastern Spain and Southern France Mediterranean forests France, Spain Palearctic Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Pannonian mixed forests Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Pindus Mountains mixed forests Albania, Greece Palearctic Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Po Basin mixed forests Italy Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Pontic steppe Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine Palearctic Temperate Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands
Pyrenees conifer and mixed forests Spain, France, Andorra Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Rodope montane mixed forests Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Sarmatic mixed forests Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Scandinavian and Russian taiga Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia Palearctic Boreal Forests/Taiga
Ural montane forests and tundra Russia Palearctic Boreal Forests/Taiga
West Siberian taiga Russia Palearctic Boreal Forests/Taiga
Western European broadleaf forests Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Western Siberian hemiboreal forests Russia Palearctic Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Aggtelek Biosphere Reserve National Park II 59233 Hungary
Alpár-bokrosi tisza-ártéri öblözet 12550 Hungary  
Ardvar and Loch a`Mhuilinn Woodlands 1992 Scotland, United Kingdom
Babia Góra National Park II 4492 Poland
Bayerischer Wald National Park II 59790 Germany
Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve   Scotland, United Kingdom
Belovezhskaya Pushcha Biosphere Reserve National Park II 218515 Belarus
Berezinskiy Zapovednik State Nature Reserve Ia 209113 Belarus  
Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast 160731 England/Scotland, United Kingdom  
Berwyn a Mynyddoedd de Clwyd/ Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains 67265 Wales, United Kingdom
Bialowieza National Park II 11126 Poland
Bideford Bay Biosphere Reserve   England, United Kingdom
Border Mires, Kielder – Butterburn 29286 England, United Kingdom
Borrowdale Woodland Complex 1650 England, United Kingdom
Breckland 18652 England, United Kingdom
Burnham Beeches 946 England, United Kingdom  
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom
Cairnsmore of Fleet, Silver Flowe, and Merrick Kells Biosphere Reserve 8794 Scotland, United Kingdom
Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands 354692 Scotland, United Kingdom
Carpathian Biosphere Reserve 144772 Ukraine  
Codru (Kodry) Zapovednik Scientific Reserve Ia   Moldova  
Creag Meagaidh 15184 Scotland, United Kingdom
Cserebökényi-puszták 69091 Hungary  
Darvinsky Zapovednik Ia 278421 Yaroslavl, Vologda, Russia
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Drigg Coast 3453 England, United Kingdom
Dyfi National Nature Reserve   Wales, United Kingdom
Dévaványai-sík 62065 Hungary  
Eastern Beskid National Park II 68484 Poland  
Exmoor Heaths 26455 England, United Kingdom
Garzaia di Cascina Villarasca 131 Italy  
Halkyn Mountain/ Mynydd Helygain 1508 Wales, United Kingdom
Hortobágy National Park II 140004 Hungary  
Hódmezõvásárhely környéki és csanádi-háti puszták 53251 Hungary  
Inchnadamph 3170 Scotland, United Kingdom
Ingleborough Complex 14256 England, United Kingdom
Inverpolly 29349 Scotland, United Kingdom
Karkonosze National Park II 45907 Poland
Kis-Sárrét 20599 Hungary  
Kiskunsag Biosphere Reserve II 54598 Hungary  
Kiskunsági szikes tavak és az õrjegi turjánvidék 88335 Hungary  
Kivach Zapovednik IV 26885 Karelia, Russia
Krkonose National Park V 95995 Czech Republic  
Kígyósi-puszta 21829 Hungary  
Laghetto del Frassino 193 Italy  
Lake District High Fells 66717 England, United Kingdom
Loch Maree Complex 38882 Scotland, United Kingdom
Lower Derwent Valley 2263 England, United Kingdom
Luberon Regional Nature Park V 406572 France  
Malaya Sozva Zapovednik Ia 557376 Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
Monticchie 588 Italy  
Moor House – Upper Teesdale 95867 England, United Kingdom
Moor House-Upper Teesdale Biosphere Reserve 18254 England, United Kingdom
Moorfoot Hills 21001 Scotland, United Kingdom
Moray Firth 373987 Scotland, United Kingdom  
North Norfolk Coast 7926 England, United Kingdom  
North Norfolk Coast Biosphere Reserve   England, United Kingdom      
North Pennine Moors 254789 England, United Kingdom
North York Moors 108930 England, United Kingdom
OROS OLYMPOS 47295 Greece  
Okskiy Biosphere Reserve 190748 Russia  
Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio National Park V 333737 Italy
Pascoli montani e cespuglieti del Pratomagno 16687 Italy  
Pechoro-Ilychskiy Biosphere Reserve 3098091 Russia  
Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol 341177 Wales, United Kingdom  
Po da Albaredo Arnaboldi ad Arena Po 2241 Italy  
Polana Biosphere Reserve 50311 Slovakia  
Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve IV 12219 Moscow, Russia
Puszcza Kampinoska Biosphere Reserve 188373 Poland  
Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve V 1777 Spain  
Reserve Nationale de Camargue Biosphere Reserve 32232 France  
Reserve Srebarna Managed Reserve IV 2294 Bulgaria  
Reserve de la Biosphere des Vosges du Nord Biosphere Reserve 301469 France  
Retezat National Park II 94183 Romania
Riserva Regionale Lanca di Gerole 2916 Italy  
River Eden 6087 England, United Kingdom  
River Oykel 2373 Scotland, United Kingdom
River Spey 14158 Scotland, United Kingdom
River Tay 23469 Scotland, United Kingdom
Salisbury Plain 52975 England, United Kingdom
Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve 319164 Germany
Solway Firth 107829 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
South Dartmoor Woods 5330 England, United Kingdom
South Hams 320 England, United Kingdom  
Spreewald Biosphere Reserve 117355 Germany  
Strathy Point 503 Scotland, United Kingdom  
Sárvíz völgye 19301 Hungary  
Tatra Mountains Biosphere Reserve 44247 Poland  
The Broads 14554 England, United Kingdom  
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
Trebon Basin Protected Landscape Area V 173393 Czech Republic  
Tsentral'no-Lesnoy Biosphere Reserve Ia 62630 Russia  
VIÑAMALA 62053 Spain  
VOUNA EVROU 104705 Greece  
Valle dell'Inferno e Bandella 2207 Italy  
Vessertal-Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve 42250 Germany  
Visimskiy Zapovednik Biosphere Reserve 443816 Russia  
Waddensea of Lower Saxony Biosphere Reserve 539522 Germany  
Witherslack Mosses 1202 England, United Kingdom


Biodiversity Hotspots

Name Location Endemic Species Website
Mediterranean Basin Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey No

Prey / Diet

Agriotes gallicus <Unverified Name>[4]
Bibio marci (St Mark's Fly)[4]
Lasius niger (Black garden ant)[4]
Lumbricus rubellus[4]
Lumbricus terrestris[4]
Tipula oleracea (Common Crane Fly)[4]
Vespula germanica (European wasp)[4]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Anguis fragilis (Slow Worm)3
Apodemus flavicollis (Yellow-necked mouse)1
Apodemus sylvaticus (Old World wood and field mouse)1
Carduelis carduelis (European Goldfinch)1
Chloris chloris (European Greenfinch)1
Corvus frugilegus (Rook)1
Dendrocopos medius (Middle Spotted Woodpecker)1
Dryocopus martius (Black Woodpecker)1
Erinaceus europaeus (western European hedgehog)2
Gallinago gallinago (Common Snipe)2
Garrulus glandarius (Eurasian Jay)1
Lanius collurio (Red-backed Shrike)2
Meles meles (European Badger)2
Mustela putorius (European Polecat)1
Myodes glareolus (Bank vole)1
Notiophilus biguttatus1
Nucifraga caryocatactes (Spotted Nutcracker)1
Oenanthe oenanthe (Northern Wheatear)1
Pernis apivorus (European Honey Buzzard)1
Pica pica (Eurasian Magpie)1
Picus canus (Grey-headed Woodpecker)1
Picus viridis (European Green Woodpecker)1
Pollenia rudis (cluster fly)1
Rhagio lineola (Small Fleck-winged Snipe Fly)1
Rhagio scolopaceus (Downlooker Snipe Fly)2
Rhagio tringarius (Marsh Snipe Fly)1
Sarcophaga carnaria (Camouflaged Flesh Fly)1
Saxicola rubetra (Whinchat)1
Scolopax rusticola (Eurasian Woodcock)2
Sorex araneus (Eurasian shrew)4
Spinus spinus (Eurasian Siskin)1
Sus scrofa (wild boar)2
Troglodytes troglodytes (Eurasian Wren)1
Turdus merula (Eurasian Blackbird)2
Turdus philomelos (Song Thrush)1
Turdus pilaris (Fieldfare)1
Turdus torquatus (Ring Ouzel)1
Turdus viscivorus (Mistle Thrush)1
Vanellus vanellus (Northern Lapwing)1
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)2
Zootoca vivipara louislantzi (Viviparous Lizard)1


Ardea cinerea (Grey Heron)[4]
Asio otus (Long-eared Owl)[5]
Botaurus stellaris (Eurasian Bittern)[6]
Ciconia ciconia (White Stork)[4]
Circus aeruginosus (Western Marsh Harrier)[7]
Corvus corax (Northern Raven)[4]
Gypaetus barbatus (Bearded Vulture)[8]
Lanius excubitor (Northern Shrike)[4]
Milvus migrans (Black Kite)[4]
Milvus milvus (Red Kite)[4]
Mustela erminea (Ermine)[4]
Mustela nivalis (Least Weasel)[4]
Mustela putorius (European Polecat)[4]
Strix aluco (Tawny Owl)[4]
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)[4]
Zamenis longissimus (Aesculapean Snake)[9]


Parasitized by 
Agamospirura minutissima <Unverified Name>[10]
Alaria alata <Unverified Name>[10]
Amalaraeus arvicolae[11]
Amalaraeus penicilliger[12]
Amalaraeus penicilliger kratochvili[11]
Amalaraeus penicilliger mustelae[11]
Amphipsylla rossica[12]
Ascarops strongylina <Unverified Name>[10]
Calodium soricicola <Unverified Name>[10]
Capillaria capillaris <Unverified Name>[10]
Capillaria incrassata <Unverified Name>[10]
Capillaria talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Chaetopsylla matina[11]
Choanotaenia filamentosa <Unverified Name>[10]
Cladotaenia globifera[10]
Corrodopsylla birulai[12]
Ctenocephalides canis (Dog flea)[11]
Ctenocephalides felis felis[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes bosnicus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes fennicus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes graecus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes impavidus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes kleinschmidtianus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes pelikani[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes peusianus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes provincialis[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes serbicus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes smitianus[11]
Ctenophthalmus agyrtes wagnerianus[11]
Ctenophthalmus andorrensis andorrensis[11]
Ctenophthalmus apertus apertus[11]
Ctenophthalmus assimilis assimilis[11]
Ctenophthalmus assimilis bernhardus[11]
Ctenophthalmus assimilis erectus[11]
Ctenophthalmus baeticus baeticus[11]
Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus[12]
Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus bisoctodentatus[11]
Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus certus[11]
Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus heselhausi[11]
Ctenophthalmus bisoctodentatus suciuae[11]
Ctenophthalmus congener congener[11]
Ctenophthalmus congener troilus[11]
Ctenophthalmus congener vicarius[11]
Ctenophthalmus egregius garganus[11]
Ctenophthalmus hispanicus[11]
Ctenophthalmus hypanis hypanis[11]
Ctenophthalmus nobilis nobilis[11]
Ctenophthalmus nobilis vulgaris[11]
Ctenophthalmus obtusus[11]
Ctenophthalmus orientalis[11]
Ctenophthalmus parvus[11]
Ctenophthalmus solutus solutus[11]
Ctenophthalmus uncinatus uncinatus[11]
Dilepis undula[10]
Doratopsylla dasycnema[12]
Doratopsylla dasycnema cuspis[11]
Doratopsylla dasycnema dasycnema[11]
Heligmosomum costellatum <Unverified Name>[10]
Hymenolepis barroisii <Unverified Name>[10]
Hystrichopsylla orientalis[11]
Hystrichopsylla satunini[11]
Hystrichopsylla talpae[12]
Hystrichopsylla talpae talpae[11]
Ityogonimus filum <Unverified Name>[10]
Ityogonimus lorum <Unverified Name>[10]
Ityogonimus ocreatus <Unverified Name>[10]
Ityogonimus talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Leptopsylla segnis (European mouse flea)[11]
Lineolepis scutigera <Unverified Name>[10]
Liniscus incrassatus <Unverified Name>[10]
Longistriata schulzi <Unverified Name>[10]
Longistriata vigisi <Unverified Name>[10]
Megabothris rectangulatus[11]
Megabothris turbidus[11]
Megabothris walkeri[11]
Moniliformis circumflexum <Unverified Name>[10]
Moniliformis moniliformis[10]
Morganiella talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Multitesticulata filamentosa <Unverified Name>[10]
Nematoideum talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Neoglyphe locellus <Unverified Name>[10]
Neopsylla mana[12]
Nephrotrema truncatum <Unverified Name>[10]
Nosopsyllus fasciatus (northern rat flea)[11]
Oligacanthorhynchus circumflexus[10]
Omphalometra flexuosa <Unverified Name>[10]
Palaeopsylla atlantica atlantica[11]
Palaeopsylla cisalpina[11]
Palaeopsylla hamata[11]
Palaeopsylla iberica[11]
Palaeopsylla kohauti[11]
Palaeopsylla minor[11]
Palaeopsylla oxygonia[11]
Palaeopsylla similis peusi[11]
Palaeopsylla similis similis[11]
Palaeopsylla smiti[11]
Palaeopsylla soricis[12]
Palaeopsylla soricis rosickyi[11]
Palaeopsylla soricis soricis[11]
Palaeopsylla steini[11]
Parastrongyloides winchesi <Unverified Name>[10]
Peromyscopsylla bidentata bidentata[11]
Peromyscopsylla fallax[11]
Peromyscopsylla silvatica[11]
Peromyscopsylla spectabilis spectabilis[11]
Physocephalus sexalatus[10]
Plagiorchis macrobursatum <Unverified Name>[10]
Polycercus paradoxa <Unverified Name>[10]
Porrocaecum depressum <Unverified Name>[10]
Pulex irritans (human flea)[11]
Rhadinopsylla integella[11]
Rhadinopsylla isacantha[11]
Rhadinopsylla mesoides[11]
Rhadinopsylla pentacantha[11]
Rhadinopsylla strouhali[11]
Skrjabinomerus petrovi <Unverified Name>[10]
Soboliphyme huridiniformis <Unverified Name>[10]
Spirometra erinacei <Unverified Name>[10]
Spiroptera strumosa <Unverified Name>[10]
Spiroptera talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Spirura talpae <Unverified Name>[10]
Staphylocystis bacillaris <Unverified Name>[10]
Stenoponia ivanovi[12]
Stenoponia tripectinata[12]
Taenia crassiceps[10]
Taenia mustelae[10]
Taenia taeniaeformis <Unverified Name>[10]
Taenia tenuicollis <Unverified Name>[10]
Tarsopsylla octodecimdentata[12]
Trichinella britovi <Unverified Name>[10]
Trichinella spiralis (pork worm)[10]
Tricholinstowia linstowi <Unverified Name>[10]
Tricholinstowia mornanti <Unverified Name>[10]
Tricholinstowia talpae <Unverified Name>[10]

Range Map

Palava Protected Landscape Area;



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