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Helicotylenchus multicinctus

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Helicotylenchus multicinctus is a plant pathogenic nematode that affects primarily bananas and plantains. Nematodes of the genus Helicotylenchus are spiral nematodes and feed on a large variety of plant species.
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Parasite of 
Ananas comosus (pineapple)[1]
Citrus trifoliata (hardy orange)[1]
Digitaria ciliaris (Henry's crabgrass)[1]
Eucalyptus pilularis (blackbutt)[1]
Musa acuminata (edible banana)[1]
Musa banksii[1]
Prunus domestica (plum)[1]
Prunus persica (peach)[2]
Stenotaphrum secundatum (St. Augustine grass)[1]
Zea mays (corn)[1]



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