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Pherecardia striata

Synonyms: Eucarunculata grubei; Eucarunculata grubei subsp. gracilis; Eucarunculata grubei subsp. minuta; Hermodice distincta; Hermodice pennata; Hermodice pennata subsp. tutuilensis; Hermodice striata; Pherecardia lobata


Prey / Diet

Acanthaster planci (crown-of-thorns starfish)[1]
Pherecardia striata[1]


Diodon holocanthus (Ajargo)[1]
Diodon hystrix (Ajargo)[1]
Pherecardia striata[1]
Pseudobalistes naufragium (Stone triggerfish)[1]
Sufflamen verres (brown triggerfish)[1]


Mozambique; Madagascar; Mozambique; Mozambique;



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