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Ascaphus montanus (Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog)

Wikipedia Abstract

The tailed frogs are two species of frogs. The species are part of the genus Ascaphus, the only taxon in the family Ascaphidae. The "tail" in the name is actually an extension of the male cloaca. The tail is one of two distinctive anatomical features adapting the species to life in fast-flowing streams. It is the only North American frog that reproduces by internal fertilization.
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EDGE Analysis

This primitive frog and its closest relative, the coastal tailed frog, are distinctive among frogs and toads in having an intromittent organ, resembling a tail, for internal fertilization. This is an evolutionary adaptation which ensures successful mating in the fast-flowing stream habitat of this species. Tadpoles of this species are also adapted to the strong currents of mountain streams, possessing large sucking mouthparts which they use to hang on to rocks and prevent themselves from being swept downstream.
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