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Eudistylia polymorpha (giant feather duster worm)

Synonyms: Bispira polymorpha; Distylia monterea; Eudistylia intermedia

Wikipedia Abstract

Eudistylia polymorpha, the giant feather duster worm, is a species of marine polychaete worm belonging to the family Sabellidae. Its common name is from the crown of tentacles extended when the animal is under water.
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Water Biome [1]  Coastal


Prey / Diet

Acanthometron elastricum (acantharian amoeba)[2]
Calocalanus pavoninus (calanoid copepod)[2]
Lucicutia ovalis (calanoid copepod)[2]
Recurvoidella bradyi (foraminifera)[2]
Subeucalanus monachus[2]
Tegastes falcatus (copepod)[2]



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