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Americamysis almyra

Synonyms: Mysidopsis almyra

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Americamysis almyra is a shrimp-like crustacean in the order Mysida, the opossum shrimps. It is native to estuarine waters in the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. It is often referred to in the literature as Mysidopsis almyra.
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Anchoa mitchilli (Bay anchovy)[1]
Ariopsis felis (Sea catfish)[1]
Bairdiella chrysoura (Silver perch)[1]
Cynoscion arenarius (Sand seatrout)[1]
Cynoscion nebulosus (Spotted weakfish)[1]
Elops saurus (Ladyfish)[1]
Ictalurus furcatus (blue catfish)[1]
Ictalurus punctatus (Channel catfish)[1]
Lagodon rhomboides (Salt-water bream)[1]
Leiostomus xanthurus (Spot croaker)[1]
Menidia beryllina (Waxen silverside)[1]
Micropogonias undulatus (Atlantic croacker)[1]
Micropterus salmoides (Northern largemouth bass)[1]
Mycteroperca microlepis (Velvet rockfish)[2]
Polydactylus octonemus (Atlantic threadfin)[1]
Stellifer lanceolatus (Stardrum)[1]



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