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Bythotrephes longimanus (spiny waterflea)

Synonyms: Bythotrephes brigantinus

Wikipedia Abstract

Bythotrephes longimanus (also Bythotrephes cederstroemi), or the spiny water flea, is a planktonic crustacean less than 15 millimetres long. It is native to fresh waters of Northern Europe and Asia, but has been accidentally introduced and widely distributed in the Great Lakes area of North America since the 1980s. Bythotrephes is typified by a long abdominal spine with several barbs which protect it from predators.
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Invasive Species

Bythotrephes longimanus, the spiny water flea, is a predatory cladoceran native to northern Europe and Asia. It was introduced to the North American Great Lakes through ballast water and has since spread to a number of inland lakes. B. longimanus competes directly for prey with juvenile and small fish along with predatory zooplankton. It can foul fishing lines and downrigger cables, and can have substantial impacts on zooplankton community structure.
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Prey / Diet

Cyclops bicuspidatus (cyclopoid copepod)[1]
Daphnia galeata (waterflea)[1]
Diaptomus sicilis (calanoid copepod)[1]


Alosa pseudoharengus (kyack)[1]
Coregonus albula (European whitefish)[2]
Coregonus clupeaformis (Common whitefish)[1]
Coregonus hoyi (Bloater)[1]
Cottus cognatus (Anadyr sculpin)[1]
Myoxocephalus quadricornis (Alaska fourhorn sculpin)[1]
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout)[1]
Osmerus eperlanus (European smelt)[2]
Osmerus mordax (Rainbow smelt)[1]
Perca flavescens (Yellow perch)[1]
Sander vitreus (Walleye)[1]



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