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Name Type IUCN Category Area acres Country  State  Species Website Climate Land Use
Morecambe Bay Pavements 6449 United Kingdom England
Moremi Game Reserve Game Reserve IV 1214686 Botswana  
Moreton Bay Wetland 32900 Australia      
Morfa Harlech a Morfa Dyffryn 2626 United Kingdom Wales
Moritzburger Teiche und Wälder 1386 Germany  
Morne Trois Pitons National Park National Park II 16981 Dominica  
Morombi Private Reserve Natural Private Reserve IV 68152 Paraguay  
Morowali Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 555987 Indonesia      
Morristown National Historical Park National Historical Park VI 1677 United States New Jersey
Morro da Pedreira Environmental Protection Area Environmental Protection Area 163584 Brazil Minas Gerais  
Morrocoy National Park National Park 63672 Venezuela  
Morrone Birkwood 787 United Kingdom Scotland
Mortlach Moss 30 United Kingdom Scotland
Morton National Park National Park 480519 Australia New South Wales      
Morups bank 1398 Sweden  
Morups tånge 512 Sweden  
Morven and Mullachdubh 2265 United Kingdom Scotland
Morvern Woods 4763 United Kingdom Scotland
Moselaue bei Nennig 467 Germany  
Moshult 6 Sweden  
Mosoni-sík 32501 Hungary  
Mossa 1063 Spain  
Mossaträsk 2224 Sweden  
Mossbottnarna 11 Sweden  
Mossgräsberget 348 Sweden  
Motala äng 25 Sweden  
Mothäuser Heide 1638 Germany  
Mottey Meadows 108 United Kingdom England  
Mottisfont Bats 487 United Kingdom England
Mound Alderwoods 735 United Kingdom Scotland
Mount Apo Natural Park Natural Park 156136 Philippines  
Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve 293047 Canada British Columbia  
Mount Aspiring National Park National Park II 473907 New Zealand South Island
Mount Calavite Wilderness Sanctuary Wilderness Sanctuary 44850 Philippines  
Mount Charleston Wilderness Area Wilderness Area   United States Nevada  
Mount Cook National Park National Park II 174704 New Zealand  
Mount Elgon Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 180607 Kenya      
Mount Elgon National Park National Park II 276135 Uganda
Mount Elgon National Park National Park II 41818 Kenya  
Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area Scenic Area 38054 China  
Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) National Park National Park II 275416 Nepal
Mount Guiting-Guiting Natural Park Natural Park 37916 Philippines    
Mount Hakusan National Park V 219319 Japan Toyama
Mount Harriett National Park National Park II 13991 India Andaman and Nicobar Islands  
Mount Isarog National Park National Park II 24639 Philippines    
Mount Kalatungan Range Natural Park Natural Park 54551 Philippines  
Mount Kanlaon Natural Park Natural Park 61028 Philippines  
Mount Kaputar National Park National Park II 124109 Australia New South Wales      
Mount Kenya Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve II 146694 Kenya
Mount Kitanlad Range Natural Park Natural Park 66971 Philippines  
Mount Kulal Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve 1729738 Kenya  
Mount Lewis National Park National Park II 68053 Australia Queensland  
Mount Makiling National Park National Park 10453 Philippines  
Mount Malindang National Park National Park II 76763 Philippines  
Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 3287 Australia Western Australia  
Mount Matutum Protected Landscape/Seascape Protected Landscape/Seascape 43236 Philippines  
Mount Meru National Park National Park II   Tanzania  
Mount Mitchell State Park State Park   United States North Carolina
Mount Mulanje Forest Reserve 144452 Malawi  
Mount Nyiru Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 112423 Kenya      
Mount Odaigahara and Mount Omine Biosphere Reserve 88558 Japan Kyushu  
Mount Olympus National Park National Park II 30017 Greece
Mount Rainier National Park National Park II 235186 United States Washington
Mount Revelstoke National Park National Park Ia 18 Canada British Columbia
Mount Richmond Forest Park Conservation Park 465527 New Zealand      
Mount Sorak Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve   Korea, Republic of  
Mount Tamalpais State Park State Park 6365 United States California
Mount Windsor National Park National Park II 108282 Australia Queensland  
Mount Zero-Taravale Nature Refuge Nature Refuge 149024 Australia Queensland      
Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest Demonstration State Forest   United States California
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 106478 Belize Cayo  
Mountain Zebra National Park National Park II 60944 South Africa Eastern Cape
Mounts Banahaw - San Cristobal National Park National Park II 27985 Philippines  
Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park National Park II 209622 Philippines  
Mourão/Moura/Barrancos 209832 Portugal  
Mousa 1311 United Kingdom Scotland
Moyenne vallée de l'Oise 13902 France  
Mt Frankland South National Park National Park II 104476 Australia Western Australia      
Mt Kaindi Wildlife Management Area Wildlife Management Area 2128 Papua New Guinea      
Mt Roe National Park National Park II 315554 Australia Western Australia      
Mt. Field National Park National Park II 39289 Australia Tasmania
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park Marine National Park II 25953 Thailand  
Mu Ko Chang National Park Marine National Park II 168511 Thailand
Mu Ko Lanta National Park Marine National Park II 33637 Thailand
Mu Ko Libong Non-hunting Area No or Non Hunting Area   Thailand      
Mu Ko Similan Marine National Park II 31245 Thailand    
Mu Ko Surin National Park Marine National Park II 39278 Thailand    
Mucujún Protective Zone Protective Zone 48062 Venezuela  
Muddus 124105 Sweden  
Mudumalai Sanctuary Sanctuary 53810 India  
Mufindi Scarp Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 97419 Tanzania      
Mufindi Tea Estate Land Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 88600 Tanzania      
Muggträsk 1083 Sweden  
Mugurves plavas 783 Latvia  
Muhrgraben mit Teufelsbruch 1714 Germany  
Muir of Dinnet 1027 United Kingdom Scotland
Muir Woods National Monument National Monument V 492 United States California
Mujib Nature Reserve Wildlife Reserve IV   Jordan
Mukri 5439 Estonia  
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