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Name Type IUCN Category Area acres Country  State  Species Website Climate Land Use
Cuenca Alta de los Ríos Maticora y Cocuiza Protective Zone Protective Zone 596759 Venezuela      
Cuenca Alta del Río Cali National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 16924 Colombia Valle del Cauca  
Cuenca Alta del Río Cojedes Protective Zone Protective Zone 682011 Venezuela  
Cuenca Alta del Rio Mocoa National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 74208 Colombia Putumayo  
Cuenca del Lago Atitlán Multiple Use Area Multiple Use Area 303693 Guatemala  
Cuenca del Río Guabas Municipio de Guacarí y Ginebra National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 39846 Colombia Valle del Cauca  
Cuenca Hidrográfica del Río Necaxa Natural Resources Protection Area Natural Resources Protection Area   Mexico      
Cuenca Hidrográfica del Río San Francisco National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 7097 Colombia Cundinamarca  
Cuenca Quebrada Mutatá National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 3707 Colombia Chocó  
Cuencas Alta y Media del Río Pao Protective Zone Protective Zone 168032 Venezuela      
Cuencas Río Blanco y Negro National Protective Forests Reserves National Protective Forests Reserves 31343 Colombia Cundinamarca  
Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Refuge IV 19771 Honduras    
Cueva de la Quebrada del Toro National Park National Park II 21004 Venezuela  
Cueva De Los Guacharos Natural National Park Natural National Park 22239 Colombia  
Cujubim State Sustainable Development Reserve State Sustainable Development Reserve 6055023 Brazil Amazonas      
Culbin Bar 1514 United Kingdom Scotland  
Culebra National Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge   United States Puerto Rico
Culm Grasslands 1899 United Kingdom England  
Cumberland Gap National Hist. Park National Historical Park V 24282 United States Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia
Cumberland Island National Seashore National Seashore II 20629 United States Georgia
Cumbres de Monterrey National Park National Park II 438355 Mexico Coahuila      
Cumbres y acantilados del norte de La Palma 56096 Spain    
Cummeen Strand SPA 4281 Ireland  
Cunhambebe State Park State Park   Brazil Rio de Janeiro      
Cunhã-Sapucaia Indigenous Area Indigenous Area 1164978 Brazil Amazonas      
Cunnersdorfer Teiche 257 Germany  
Curecanti National Recreation Area National Recreation Area V 31032 United States Colorado
Currawinya Lakes National Park National Park II 372252 Australia Queensland
Cusuco National Park National Park II 44047 Honduras  
Cutervo National Park National Park II 14293 Peru  
Cuxtal Ecological Reserve Ecological Reserve 26687 Mexico Yucatan  
Cuyabeno Faunal Production Reserve Faunal Production Reserve 1490984 Ecuador  
Cuyahoga Valley National Park National Park II 24907 United States Ohio
Cwm Cadlan 207 United Kingdom Wales
Cwm Clydach Woodlands / Coedydd Cwm Clydach 71 United Kingdom Wales  
Cwm Doethie – Mynydd Mallaen 10186 United Kingdom Wales
Cyprianka 270 Poland  
Cytadela Grudziadz 551 Poland  
Czarna Orawa 455 Poland  
Czarne Urwisko kolo Lutyni 89 Poland  
Czarny Las 49 Poland  
Czerna 189 Poland  
Czorneboh und Hochstein 1646 Germany  
D'Addaia a s'Albufera 6941 Spain  
D'Alfabia a Biniarroi 13821 Spain  
D'Entrecasteaux National Park National Park II 293561 Australia Western Australia      
da Bacia do Rio Macacu State Environmental Protection Area State Environmental Protection Area 106297 Brazil Rio de Janeiro      
Daan Viljoen Game Park Game Park II 9924 Namibia  
Dabrowa Grotnicka 251 Poland  
Dabrowa Radziejowska 129 Poland  
Dabrowa Swietlista w Pernie 99 Poland  
Dabrowy Krotoszynskie 84622 Poland  
Dabrowy Obrzyckie 2187 Poland  
Dachboden der Psychiatrie Mühlhausen   Germany  
Dachstuhl Alten- und Pflegeheim Deuna   Germany  
Dadohaehaesang National Park National Park II 573658 South Korea      
Dagestan State Nature Reserve 47101 Russia Dagestan
Daglösten 85 Sweden  
Dahlberg 22 Germany  
Dahle und Tauschke 1947 Germany  
Dahlemer Binz 30 Germany  
Dahlemer Kalktriften 247 Germany  
Dahmetal 1970 Germany  
Dainavos giria 138008 Lithuania  
Daintree National Park National Park II 190805 Australia Queensland  
Daisen - Oki National Park National Park 275228 Japan      
Dakhla National Park National Park II 4667546 Western Sahara  
Dal 5 Sweden  
Dala Vallstorp 2 Sweden  
Dala- och Knekta mosse 4641 Sweden  
Dalamyrar 15 Sweden  
Dalby Norreskog 47 Sweden  
Dalby Söderskog 90 Sweden  
Dalkey Islands SPA 205 Ireland  
Dalla Gola del Fiastrone al Monte Vettore 64008 Italy  
Dalsälven 7 Sweden  
Dalsbäcken-Liljeslåttsbäcken 36 Sweden  
Dalum-Wietmarscher Moor und Georgsdorfer Moor 6617 Germany  
Dam Wood 47 United Kingdom Scotland
Dammån 217 Sweden  
Dammån-Storån 495 Sweden  
Dammühlenteichgebiet 539 Germany  
Dammen-Edsjön 292 Sweden  
Dammer Moor 420 Germany  
Dammhulteån 22 Sweden  
Dammstakärret 63 Sweden  
Dampa Sanctuary Sanctuary 123553 India Mizoram  
Dana Wildlife Reserve IV   Jordan  
Danaflöt 12 Sweden  
Danau Matano - Towuti Recreation Parks Nature Recreation Park V 96082 Indonesia Sulawesi  
Danau Sentarum National Park National Park 347674 Indonesia Kalimantan  
Dangandaomihou Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 6395 China  
Danggali Conservation Park Conservation Park 119641 Australia South Australia  
Dankmarshäuser Rhäden 274 Germany  
Danmarksvägen 16 Sweden  
Dannskären 121 Sweden  
Dansbol 1 Sweden    
Danshallmyren 1333 Sweden  
Danska fall 153 Sweden  
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